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Chat What is unnecessary in FMM2017


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I see that many of you got great advices what to put in FMM2017, I won't say what I would like to see of new stuff in FMM2017, but I'm will tell you what I dont want to see anymore (what is in my opinion unnecessary)

Picture 1) who waits all day to play a game, and than instead of managing your team decide to go to holiday? What is point of skipping a game

Picture 2,3,4) does anyone ever look at this hall of fame, league standards or scouting agency

**maybe i'm so wrong, because I never use any of this options so please don't judge me





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I look at all of those and I go on holiday when I start unemployed and I'm looking for a job, the fastest way to do it is to go on holiday and turn on the option to ask for available job offers... I also go on holiday when I've already won the league and some games are remaining and I don't feel like playing the.

Another reason to to go on holiday is for someone doing some research it's the fastest way to go about it instead of playing a whole season just to see how training regime affect attributes 

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Holidaying for a year should be a thing, so you can do experiments and take a poop between each season.

I often look at the hall of fame and league standards, but rarely the scouting agency.

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I can see why people like those but I don't use them. Holidaying for a should be a thing but been confirmed as not coming back, God knows why, stupid tbh. Talking of Holidaying with ITN you should be able to holiday to squad selection and not to the match, anyway. 

I'll be more brutal:

1. Intensive training - It adds nothing, just a chore to do on every new save (requested save able sets for years). It feels like a feature but does hardly anything that couldn't just happen automatically. 

2. Coaches - Does nothing 

3. Scouts - Waste of time and tricks/confuses new players. 

4. After match coach reports - Info is too late and just confuses people

5. International management DLC - Brings nothing to the table but a few extra games, should be so much more for paid DLC. 

6. Leaving the pitch highlights on EME at FT - Waste of time. 

7. IGE because it wasn't even updated for 2016 yet same price, disgusting. 

8. Bugs, obviously shouldn't be in game. 

Could go on but that's all that's coming to mind lol. 

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I do use the scouting agency purely to look at the Youth section and see where the hot regens are coming from, normally I do this through the player search/attributes function but I always scan the list a few times through the season to see if there is any prospects I have missed.

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