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Challenges Academy/Youth Challenge??


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Sorry if it's been done before but felt like asking here was the best option as I'm newer to challenges aspect and I was not on any other sites to know history of them so I'll let you experts tell me if it's already a challenge.

My suggestion is basically taking a team with a training facility rating between (basic -good) think those are the ratings in game .

Now you have to promote/sign only your players from your reserve team the whited out ghosts and can't buy/loan any players not originally on your team at start or signed through reserves. 

So I was thinking some rules go by years .(Can keep/use current players until year 4-5 when whole team needs to be replaced.)

-1- minimum 6 reserve players 

-2- minimum 10 reserve players 

-3- minimum 15 reserve players plus starting 11

-4-5 whole team reserve players .. 

-Can upgrade training facilities throughout save but must start at minimums.

-use different training to see if can improve youth players 

-win leagues, cups , etc 

idk just some basics and lmk if already been done as a challenge

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