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Tactics Stagnant


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Hi guys! I usually tend to play a few seasons of FMH in the past and then stop playing it due to time constraints. However this year, i was able to make time and play this game. I am managing Derby and I pretty much swept everything and anything i could with 4 rotational formations.  However, my season in 21/22 year went terrible as i struggled to win even against a L1 team. Mind you i am now in PL as shown in the picture. Any tips on  how i could improve my team would be greatly appreciated as i have gone crazy trying to figure out what is the problem here. At times it feels as though i have solved it and then suddenly i go on a draw streak. Thank you guys!

This is my squadScreenshot_20160801-180255.thumb.png.d93Screenshot_20160801-180259.thumb.png.975

These are the 4 formations I use. First is my most used formation followed by those i use when the time is required

 Ultimo 4-4-2 Attack


Against Huge Teams 4-1-2-2-1


Headache Killer 4-1-3-2


Protector 4-1-4-1


These are my stats and records. (I crazily managed to beat Spain and win the WC with Scotland. It was crazy and by far the most memorable achievement for me)Screenshot_20160801-180425.thumb.png.b5eScreenshot_20160801-180448.thumb.png.b1fScreenshot_20160801-180506.thumb.png.473



So yeah, that's about it. If you need more pics for details then I'm more than happy to post them. I really appreciate whatever you guys have to say. Thank you all once again


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1 hour ago, Mikee1984 said:

Some nice variations there mate, and well done on dominating with Derby.

Thanks man. Any idea how to further improve my tactics? Recently i keep on getting draws or losses. Something which i know i am vulnerable to get due to high attacking mentality. But my strikers aren't faring well too. My best striker is on form and he's 71m rated. Even though he delivers, most of the time he struggle to produce. How do i improve this?

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In the attacking 4-4-2 I think you should change the AP to a CM so he supports the defence more

In the 4-1-2-2-1 I'd change the DLP to a CM, two IFs to Ws and the midfield partnership to a B2B and a CM then the striker to a DLF because you have 4 players taking long shots and no support 

In the 4-1-3-2 both IFs to Ws and DLP to B2B or CM (I'd prefer B2B)

In the 4-1-4-1 the AF to a CF or DLF, the midfield partnership to B2B and CM so the striker isn't isolated and you don't play short with that kind of formation you either go mixed or direct (I'd prefer mixed)

If you apply the changes tell me if they worked pls

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