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Career KTS 2Grey Challenge (2k completed)


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First off, I have never attempted a 1K challenge before. I have read a little about them and I have some formations I've used with one striker teams before. I thought the best way to get into this would be to start in Brazil, which is well known for these challenges.

I set off not knowing much about the Brazilian league and so chose to manage a team I think is big, Sao Paulo. 

Next up is had to select a young player to be my main striker, I wanted to choose somebody different, somebody I hadn't seen on a 1K challenge attempt.

After looking around a bit I thought "hey I wonder if there are players in the reserves like at Porto, Barca etc. So I looked, seems not. I found myself randomly click on a greyed out striker and found his stats didn't look bad at all and he was only 16, this gave me an idea. I will use this guy for my 1KC attempt.

The Player

The player I happened to click on was a young man with the name Marcos Venecius de Olivera Almeida. A bit of a mouthful.


His attributes are nothing special but at 16 he has so much room for growth. On top of that he has 3 important green stats for me. Technique and teamwork are both handy for a lone striker. Alongside that his aerial ability means I can employ wingers to good effect.

So guys, wish me luck. I will update this again soon with season 1.

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Season 1


After a quick look through my team I realized there were many decent players but not much in the way of experiencedoing players on the attacking side of things or in defense so I bought the following players

Screenshot_20160803-200707.thumb.png.9ce  Screenshot_20160803-200651.thumb.png.71a


With these guys brought in for cheap I was pretty happy with the squad.

The Season

The season begins with the state championship of course. 


Which we won with our 16 year old up front.

We then went on and didn't do quite as well in the league finishing fourth.

We also reached the final of the Copa Libertadores.

But how did our young striker do?

The Player


He did pretty well with 55 goals at 16 years old. As I could conceivably get 20 years out of this guy I think this is a good start.


And as you can see the boy has improved nicely.


Played - 73

Scored -55


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Great start mate for a 16 yr old greyed out player them numbers are very impressive on eme, will look forward to seeing how he progresses.

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Season 2



This year I decided to bring in players mostly for squad depth in some weak positions. Alan Costa is a strong, if basic, defender who is a decent freebie (we know how I love those). Gnabry  and Ake are nice players to take for free for 1 year and I brought in Andersson, who is Zlatan's regen, for two reasons. He is there as a strong striker for when my main man Oliveira Almeida is short on stamina but also for future transfer funds when the big boys no doubt offer 30m+ for him.

The Season

Without continental qualification there are less matches for my striker this year so he will need to make the most of the opportunities provided.

Let's start with the State championship.


Second in the league table no losses and only 3 draws is decent. Conceding only 6 goals in 19 games too. We were however eliminated in the semi-finals.

Next up is the league, how did we do this year?


5th place is disappointing but fair due to the massive 20 draws this year but on the plus side my team is difficult to beat with only 3 losses. However, a worryingly small 43 goal haul. Does this mean Oliveira Almeida didn't hit all the right notes this year?........

The Player


Nope. He managed another 55 goals and in 11 games less too. I'm happy with this because this season he was still only 17/18. Let's see the attributes that got him to that goal tally.


As you can see he has developed into a decent target man with greens in key areas aerial, shooting, decisions, movement, teamwork and strength. Let's hope for more improvement next year.


Played - 135

Scored -110

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16 hours ago, Taff said:

Great going dude fantastic start for a greyed out 16 year old KIU


15 hours ago, danovic78 said:

Good going so far, tough league campaign but he is looking great for just 18.


15 hours ago, Real_Random said:

I never knew how great gray players could be. Fantastic season and good goal totals for a 18 year old

Thanks guys. He is the most impressive grey I've seen. His original stats are what spurred me to begin this challenge.

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Season 3



This year I bolstered my central midfield and wing options with two young Englishmen and a 31 year old Hulk. I also picked up a very impressive 17 year old goalkeeper (possibly a Buffon regen)

The Season

Beginning again with the state championship


Second in the league phase but with very few goals scored compared to the other big teams. We did, however, only concede 4 goals in 19 games. We then went on to a playoff final defeat to Corinthians.

Next up the National Division 1. It was a bit of a tough year again with a lot of draws and we only finished 6th. Not great at all. 


However there is a better goal tally there with 65 goals. But how many did my young striker score?

The Player


A big improvement this year with 66 goals in 66 games. We can see the young striker is really developing with more goals per game and a higher average rating each year. But what of his attributes?


A couple more greens in dribbling and pace. In fact his physical attributes are fantastic with the nice 20 and 18 in stamina and strength respectively.

All in all a very good year for Marcos Vinicius de Oliveira Almeida (does he need a nickname?)


Played - 201

Scored -176



Edited by kts365
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Season 4

With 3 good seasons under his belt let's hope the good form continues for mister Oliveira Almeida


This year I had quite the busy transfer window


As you can see I sold my Zlatan regen for a cool £58million which afforded me the opportunity to spend on quite a few players, most of whom are young players who my scouts identified as top prospects. I also picked up a favourite of mine in Danny Batth as a rotation centre back.

The Season

We begin the season, as always, with the state championship.


We finished 2nd in the league phase and went on to lose to Corinthians in the final, a little disappointing but.......



Great stuff. But what of the league it's self?



Finally we win the league along with the Brazilian cup and Copa Sudamericana. A nice little treble there. Our transfers really payed off this year. How did our illustrious striker do though?

The Player


A higher tally again this year albeit in more games our young striker really enjoyed the chances he was offered and more often than not delivered on them.


His attributes haven't really shifted but I'm. Guessing his consistency attribute is gradually climbing behind the scenes.

So that was season 4. A great one leaving us only 3 goals short of a quarter of the way to our 1000 goal target.


Played - 276

Scored -247


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26 minutes ago, Mikee1984 said:

Wow he is really coming on now and what a season that was!! Can I ask what tactic your using for this  mate?

The tactic is constantly evolving but most of that season I used this tactic



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Season 5


I brought in only 1 player this year a youngster again, continuing to build the future of my team.


The Season

We begin again with the state championship. 


Top of the table winning all but 1 match. Then onto the playoffs.


We win the playoffs and claim the silverware.

Now onto the league. We had some tough periods this year with injuries and international call ups dropping my squad numbers significantly at times.


Meaning that we dropped the league title on the last game of the season. But I won't argue with second place.

Now what of the other competitions?Screenshot_20160811-235035.thumb.png.479



So plenty of silverware again this year. But how did our young prodigy do?

The Player


A little drop in games played and goals scored this year but that was mostly down to a few injuries and international fixtures. 

And how has our player improved in the attribute department?


Well well well, very nice. He is looking more rounded as those greens continue to pile up.

So that is season 5 done and we are over 300 goals with our grey player. Let's hope the good times continue to roll.


Played - 341

Scored - 310

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Season 6



This year I again bought in two young future stars and brought in anew extra wing back after one of mine was sold due to a release clause. Of note Teixeira may be a Ronaldo regen.

The Season

First up, the Sao Paulo State Championship.


We finish top in the league stage with only 2 losses and 6 goals against us. Not too shabby. Onto the playoffs ....


And we rack up another championship to begin ourgent season.

So how did the league go?

In all honesty it was a bit of a tough campaign. My team was in and out of form and I lost many players during the international matches.


5th, could have been worse but could've been much better.

As for other competitions



Two more trophies so no complaints there but how did our great young grey do?

The Player


Goal wise he had his best year yet. 78 goals in 68 games. He absolutely tore up the cup competitions averaging more than 2 goals a game. All of which led to.....m


His first ballon d'or. Fantastic, never thought I'd see any grey win this.


His attributes remain pretty similar to last year.

One problem I had this year was whinging about his contract and had low morale for the entire league campaign. I expected more than 16 league goals in 29 games from him. A fantastic year nonetheless though. I hope to get him pushed upto 450+ overall goals next season.


Played - 409

Scored - 388


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Season 6



More of the same. Good young players for the future of the team.

The Season

beginning again with the state championship.


Best year yet for the league phase. 19 games, no losses 70 goals scored 4 conceded.

And the playoffs?


Another championship win.

Onto the league. Where we hoped to take our form forward and push for the title. Did we keep it Up?


Of course


A very good season culminating in the league title.

But how about the other competitions?



Copa Libertadores?Screenshot_20160817-110613.thumb.png.e80

Copa Sudamericana?Screenshot_20160818-080027.thumb.png.1b8

We also qualified for the club world cup. How did we do there?


Well well well. Quite the trophy haul.


We did miss out on the Brazilian cup though.

However, all of this is just secondary to the main task of 1000 goals with a greyed out player. How did he do this year?

The Player


An amazing haul of 88 goals in 76 games at points this year his total goals was higher than total games. This secured him another ballon d'or.



Oh....... one more thing too.


I got the Brazil job! This gives me more matches in which my player can score goals for his tally. He started on 9 international goals when I took the job. 

So how many extra goals did this net our challenge?

In short, one. But every little counts. That takes our guy up to 89 goals in 78 games.

So there's this year over  we are pushing for 90-100 goals next year.


Games - 487

Goals - 477


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Season 7


More of the same for signings hood young players for the future.


The Season

We begin by looking to add another Sao Paulo state championship trophy in the cabinet.



And we do so.

Now how about the league?



A comfortable league title win with an 11 point gap.

How about the other cups?



Copa Libertadores


Copa Sudamericana 


And how about the club world championship?


We won everything we possibly could .

Now I am also the Brazil manager and this year was the Copa America  so how did that go?


My first International trophy and Mr Oliveira Almeidaso too.

Speaking of whom, how did our striker do this year?

The Player

I said last season that I wanted 90 to 100 goals this year with those added international fixtures. So did our striker deliver?


He truly excelled himself this year with 94 goals in 79 games for the club then we add the international fixtures and goals it looks even better 102 goals in 89 games! Wow! I've never had any player score over 100 goals in a year. We are also now past our halfway point of the challenge and our striker is just hitting his peak years.


And these are his attributes for the beginning of his peak. 

So that was this season. Amazing all around really.


Games - 576

Goals - 579

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