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Tactics In progress 2-3-2-1-2 (Testing always needed)


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First off all, I would like to thank all the good people in this forum for creating and sharing all their brilliant tactics and ideas. There is a very positive atmosphere here.? So I have decided to do a little creating and sharing myself.?

Just to be absolutely clear, that I'm not a footballing expert by any means. In real life I mostly just support a local team FK Bodø Glimt, and watch champions-cup and euro-cup sometimes for exciting match-up's. This is the only Football Manager game I've touched in years. PC versions are to heavily for me. This is more streamlined and quick.?


I share this tactic now while it's still a work in progress, so everyone can feel free to test it out, and share their thoughts and inputs. Maybe tweak it around a bit and see what fits. Everything will be much appriciated. 

If this tactic is already out there somewhere (you'll never know?), I apologize and didn't intend copying or stealing anything!?


Cheers! And I wish you all a good weekend! ??






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40 minutes ago, AndersJ said:

Cool - Best of luck with the tactic - i will test it soon :)

Thank you mate!? Looking forward to see how you get on with it. And as a northman I'm used to brutal honesty.? 

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Honestly...not so good? Seems okay against some teams, but really collapses against wider tactics. Most teams seems to come in with these brick-walled midfield and defense. 

I ended up testing "very beast tactic" instead.? Alot of fun by the way!? Attacking seems to be the best defense. Outscoring opposition?

It seems by putting WM's instead of WB's it is much more functional. 

I'm testing alot of other tactics from the forum to learn more. 

Cheers mate!?


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