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Career Creating a legacy with FC United

Dar J

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The title is inspired by the Northman's YouTube series "creating a legacy with FC United", after watching the series I decided to take the job on FMM and do better than he did.

I have screenshot of the first two seasons but feel it's useless now when I'm in the 6th season so I'd only give you a walkthrough of what has happened so far


As you can see from the screenshot above in 2015 I took the FC United job and in the first Season I finished 2nd after loosing to the last game of the season so we played the playoff games and we got promoted and we won also the FA Trophy Screenshot_20160807-095517.thumb.png.29f

The major problem we had that season was that I couldn't get my striker/s to score enough goals while we were rock solid at the back, yes we conceded 30 goals but it was the best by far in the league and we lost only 6 games. Things changes a little bit when I bought in a new Welsh striker Luke Bowen and he became the highest goal scorer of my team even if he came after. If not for how we were good defensively I dot think we would have finished top 5 because we didn't score goals at all compromise other teams. This season I played a lot of tactics, for the first few games I played a 4-4-2 but I failed again to make ti work so I switched to my preferred formation, the 4-2-3-1 and I didn't work as I expected so we changed things again and we found a home in the 4-1-2-2-1 and we went with that till it stopped working so we switched again to a 4-3-2-1 wide but nothing until we lost our first position we where holding for most of the season and then the title 



Season 2 we did better, we won the league, still scored the same amount of goals we scored in season 1, lost 6, but we won extra 3 games we didn't win in the first season and we conceded 3 goals less than the last year so in general we were better, I found out that pace was important for strikers at this level so I brought in strikers with at least 15 pace even if they weren't that good technically. I also brought in technically gifted players to have a balance between pace and Technique (don't know if I spelt that correctly) and I was happy with the result , once again the Welsh striker Luke Bowen was the highest goal scorer for my team (I would be posting a screenshot of his original attribute eventually)

Cup wise we were awful but who cares we won the league??




Season 3 in League 2.... we won the league title, won more games than previous years, lost less, scored more but conceded more

I can't remember what I went for tactically but it won us the league and at this stage I didn't make too much changes to the team I brought in few players and let go those that barely played in previous seasons, for the younger ones I added at least 15% of the sell on fee which is very important (did that from the first season) even if you let the player go on a free and being FC United we aren't rich so getting extra money for someone not in out team is vital at this level. Also this season like in the first two the big issue was making my strikers score consistently but fortunately it didn't cost us much.

At this point of the save I started thinking properly about the future because I wanted to build a good enough squad to compete even with the team in the relegation zone in the prem because I don't know anything about English football, I don't even follow it much but I felt there was a massive difference form league 2 to league 1 unlike in previous years so with this in mind I went to the next season 



Yeah it was a disaster, my fear came to pass and it was partly my fault I let go two of my left wingers and I forgot to replace them because I signed two right wingers and I was hoping to bring in at least one left winger because two of my left backs could play as wingers but I messed up and maybe that was why we ended like this.

Honestly I wasn't aiming promotion, I wanted top 12 but we were awful, won only 14 and lost 20, scored and conceded 47... it was our worst season so far.

Haven lost a winger I tried playing the left back as a winger but didn't work searched for someone to bring in on. Loan but no one decent was available, the good ones didn't want to come to us so we went for the 4-4-2 narrow diamond and it didn't work, so we tried the 4-3-1-2 and it didn't work either so we went for the 4-1-3-2 and it did better than the rest but it wasn't enough. With 5 games left I was tired of the team that I wanted to resign and look for another job but my reputation was still regional so I would have gone back to the where I started so I holidayed the rest of the season and we finished 18 and I was so angry that I released half of the team and luckily for me we were doing well financially because we bought a few Scottish and Irish players for nothing and we sold some a couple for just over a million so rebuild the squad wasn't impossible and the Season ended like this



My best season so far, we finally had the scoring formula and we dominated although we won the league on goal difference so that showed me how important it was to have consistent goal scorers and for the first time in the save I was able to use the same formation for the beginning to the end, taking off the first two games I was still experimenting and in my opinion it was because even when we lost we kept on scoring 


So I'm currently in the 6th season in the championship and for the first month we have done very well, I didn't feel like I had to bring in players but I still brought in a couple and brought in some on loan for depth and i due something stupid i've never done so far that is not maintaining my Financial policy and I hope I'll pay in long term 

So fixture wise we are like this:


Won 5 out of six and kept clean sheets in the 5 as well, disappointed about the loss away to Leicester because it was my fault I tried something tactically that didn't work and when changed things it was too late.

If any one is interested in the tactic and transfers I made let me know because I feel of I put everything at once people won't care again so if you want monthly updates and tactical changes let me know 

So here are some tips that took me this far in case someone is interested in doing something like this (I play on the enhanced engine by the way):

1. Have a financial policy and keep it througout the season. Have in mind the highest price you'll pay for a player and the highest wage you are willing to pay. If you find someone good but doesn't match those criteria you can shortlist him till your policy allows you to do so and in the mean time you can try bring him in on loan 

2. I know a lot of people know about this but at the end of the season put you remaining transfer budget in the wage budget so you can have it for the next season 

3. PACE. Fast strikers are key in lower leagues because defenders are slow so you'd have an advantage. When I got to league 2 I found out that strikers with high technique were goal scorers for me combined with their pace 

3. Good goalkeepers are very useful 

4. Take time to create your tactic and select you corner and free kick taker with care, looking at crossing and finishing is not enough, for corner takers I look at crossing as the primary thing then passing, technique, decision 

5.Don't be afraid to play around with the tactics when it doesn't work but give it time

6. don't be afraid to sell players you are not using even on a free

7. Enjoy the game and when it gets frustrating take a brake and come back to it after some days



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I haven't got wingers yet so I play a simple 4-4-2 narrow diamond Screenshot_20160807-162544.thumb.png.41b


If at a point I find out my defence can't handle the pressure anymore I'd bring the AP back and change the AF to a DLF 

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FC United seem to be a popular team this year.

I have just started watching some FM on youtube and go directed here by someone how is doing a FC United FM Mobile save Just M1ke his name is. I have added the one you mentioned at the start to my watch later list.

what logos do you use? Really enjoyed reading your story as well pal 

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18 minutes ago, DavidFillmore said:

FC United seem to be a popular team this year.

I have just started watching some FM on youtube and go directed here by someone how is doing a FC United FM Mobile save Just M1ke his name is. I have added the one you mentioned at the start to my watch later list.

what logos do you use? Really enjoyed reading your story as well pal 

I'm using the sky sport skin with the alternative attributes and the standard face packs 

And yes it's popular this year because it the first time they are officially in the league

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I think for 17 I will do one of the new team that have come up. I will have a look at the skins. So crazy you can do this with that game.


Sad to read that ithe seem the site is not doing so well at the moment and its reliance on Dec to do alot of the work for some many people. Seem like so really good content makers on here would be sad if this wasn't around but I can see what he is saying. You put this effort in and dnot get much back on it. I have read some amazing stories on here but it only seem to be things where people are involved themselvesthat gets any likes or comments

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1 hour ago, DavidFillmore said:

FC United seem to be a popular team this year.

I have just started watching some FM on youtube and go directed here by someone how is doing a FC United FM Mobile save Just M1ke his name is. I have added the one you mentioned at the start to my watch later list.

what logos do you use? Really enjoyed reading your story as well pal 

Yess it's sad... if you want a saved game of a newly promoted team I have Salford and Blythe but it's in 2020 and on the enhanced engine and they don't have players 

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