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Help One of these 3 strikers

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Hi everyone.

first, thanks for your reading and answers. I want to buy a backup striker ( this striker is not actually a backup bcs i may let him play 20+ matches a season) and i have these 3 strikers :

    1. Santi Mina from Valencia - 20 years old.

    2. Gabriel Jesus from Corinthians - 19 years old.

    3. Inaiki Williams from Athletic Bilbao - 22 years old.

I scouted these 3 and they both believed to be world class players in future but some people said that don't believe too much in scout agent...:))...

I also prefer in the youngest but in some previous save games, i relized that they are not consistent enough in matches with average to big teams.... So anyone has ever used one of these players can give me an advice..... Thanks so much....sorry for my bad english..:)

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I have used and tried very much with Santi Mina - and i dont see the light in him, he is not good enough when it counts.

i heard many great things about nr 3 :)

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Inaiki Williams is a very good IF and there is a story thread somewhere where someone was using him as a striker, go find that and have a read might help your decision 

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Hey mate if you want to know more about Inaki Williams take a look at this http://vibe.community/forums/topic/36637-iñaki-williams-the-hunt-for-1k/?page=1

and for Gabriel Jesus take a look at this  http://vibe.community/forums/topic/34390-ashez-his-triple-1000-goal-challenge/?page=1 

These two topics will allow you to see the growth and development of the strikers along with the goals they scored. With Santa Mina he is overpriced and not worth the money because he has terrible PA (most of the time) and rarely scores

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