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Help Unhappy team - what to do?


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Hi, i'm fc united and got them up and just going in to championship season.

However my team is amazing, and i'd be quite happy to just keep them and go for it, but i keep getting offered pityful offers for my players, i try and drive up the price but to no availa and the players just get unhappy at not geing allowed to move clubs.  I currently have 7 or so players unhappy. They are on long contracts.

their value seems to be in no way linked to their ability as a player, and the ither clubs seem to without fail offer x ( their value) minus 10%

my options seem to be

1. Live with it, screw them they'll be happy by the time i get to premiership or i just have to lose them on frees, or accept knock down price for them

2. Sell them cheap and just try and replace with free transfers 


seems neither option is really any good, can anybody suggest anything? I have considered changing clubs but i like the whole take fc united all the way thing.




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