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Chat Player Burn-Out


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Has anyone experienced a player with 'burn-out?' I've been playing a striker upfront since he was 17, he has now hit 21 and his form isn't as good as it has been in prior seasons despite his stats going up and value reaching 60+ mil. Once we hit October/November he will start 'Feeling tired' or 'Feeling the pressure of first team football' if he plays 3 games in a row. I never let him get below 70% in a game and don't start him is he's below 90%.

Are there any out-rite signs a player is burnt out or has it already happened with what I've described? 

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K, just I've never had an issue with burnout in regens. Might just be a bad run of form, because I would've thought 21 is mature enough not to suffer from 'burnout'.

However if you have been playing him for 4 seasons straight there could be issues. Those personality 'burnout' traits should go soon though, so ensure you have a competent backup and rest him when such issues arise and I would imagine the situation should faze out. Frustrating I know, but in some players that issue is quite prevalent for no apparent reason.

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