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Help Away fixtures very hard


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Help me guys.Im struggling in away stadiums.What can ı do?Can you give me some suggestions?Im very good at homeside games.

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Can i install screenshots later?I'm playing on tablet and my tablets charge is only %4.I have only 1 charge vehicle and im charging my phone now.When my phone fully charged,ı will open hotspot to my tablet and install screenshots from tablet.

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My home tactic


My first 11 players is here,they are all world class players;Screenshot_2016-08-27-23-27-04.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-08-27-23-27-10.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-08-27-23-27-41.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-08-27-23-27-18.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-08-27-23-27-29.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-08-27-23-27-24.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-08-27-23-26-16.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-08-27-23-26-41.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-08-27-23-26-28.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-08-27-23-26-35.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-08-27-23-26-55.thumb.pngwhat are thinking about this first eleven,where is this teams wrong,im wining ucl latest 6 years and im very successful

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I will send a few match reports

41 minutes ago, rseven said:

I would say the problem is your team is too strong. 

You are punished by system.


I cant win the league,Because ım losing against swansea,aston villa and some underdog teams at away

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