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Challenges 3 Years Running Challenge!


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Okay so I've been inactive for some time and as a re-introduction back, what better way than with a challenge!? Before explaining the challenge I invite and hope others to try this new challenge I'm coming up with as I think it could be a good, enjoyable challenge that could prove difficult but still achievable!

So here it is, select any team from any league the choice is yours, a challenge like this I would suggest whatever league you choose you at least choose a team that are either title challengers or only need a few tweaks to be title challengers, as we all know, a fatal part of this game is formation and tactics, so give yourself a chance with a team that have the potential to pull off this challenge. My choice of team would be my favoured Liverpool if I wasn't already playing a save with them, Man U are out of question of course, Man city out of question as I Feel that they have the best players and biggest funds which makes it too easy. So leaving it between Chelsea and Spurs who I don't enjoy playing as either, but as this challenge could prove difficult I'll choose Chelsea as I feel some things need tweaking but I have the funds to do so. 

Long story short now, the challenge to this challenge is that you select one team to stick with for 3 whole seasons, each season you have to stick with one formation and one formation only, you can't tweak player positions for this formation, you can tweak team instructions as you wish too. As we all know, formations normally come with a defensive line of 3, 4 or 5. Now for the 3 seasons, you need to use a defensive line of 3 in one full season, a defensive line of 4 in one full season, and a defensive line of 5 which as we all know will mean completely different tactics for each formation you choose to use, which brings the tactical difficulty of choosing how many midfielders, how many attackers, and what instructions?

How many midfielders or attackers is your deciding, the challenge states an order on your defensive line nothing else.

So a different defensive line for each full season.

Whatever order you choose to go with is up to you.

The key to this challenge is becoming a managing tactician and retaining a run of 3 league titles in a row using a different formation each season where the defensive line basically decides how you will have to have your team approach matches. 

Feel free to take on this challenge, your own tactics only, none used from these forums please. 

I will repost for my choice of first season formation and player roles as soon as I decide! 

Wish me luck!!

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Also just to clarify. By defensive line I mean the actual defensive line, so the line of defensive midfielders falls as a midfield line not defensive line. Defensive line is the line of purely defenders.

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Good luck Jonesyy - as a person with interest in the tactics themselves im very keen on seeing how you and other guys will make this with the making of whole new tactics - very interesting :)

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Should prove difficult but interesting! I'm not fully decided yet but I might take my first season with a 5-4-1 as I feel maybe best to get a difficult formation ( 5 in defence ) done with first rather than failing at the last step! Not 100% decided yet though!

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Just an update so people know I ain't made a challenge and not undertaken it. I haven't been able to start this yet as I've been working mad lately, I work as a chef so of course the hours are long and dodgy. After having somebody quit their job I've been clocking 80 hours a week so I'm very tired and strapped for time right now.

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