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Chat Low Teamwork

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How many players with low Teamwork would you have in your starting 11?

I used to always buy players with good Teamwork (because, just look at Leicester in real life). The first player I bought with low Teamwork was Ronaldo's regen, which has 6 Teamwork. I then bought Ronaldinho's regen a couple of seasons later and his Teamwork is even lower at 4 (this doesn't affect his assists - he's a 1-in-2 kind of guy for that).

Now I'm looking at picking up Robben's regen for £13 million and his Teamwork is at a lowly 3 - which means my front 3 behind the striker will all be vying for the spotlight, and probably being very selfish. This could either give big scorelines or big problems.

What are your thoughts?

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If you're using predominantly inside forwards it's not too much of an issue, they're pretty selfish by nature anyway. Personally I would have one of the AM's as more of a team player, perhaps the APM (I assume you're using one).

But so long as you have players with good teamwork in roles where it is important (BWM, CM, WM, TM, DW etc.) You should be okay. See Dec's guide here for more info on key attributes for player roles.

Personally I would go with no more than 3 or 4 selfish players, although it really depends on whether you want high score lines and moments of individual brilliance or high posession and consistency. If you are after the latter, one or two selfish players should be plenty.

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4 hours ago, rseven said:

Teamwork is more important for defenders, IMO.

Absolutely! But I like good teamwork on my midfielders, and maybe at least one guy up front providing IF's and other striking options with chances. If I use a winger, I like them as well to have as much teamwork as possible. ??

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