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Chat Coach Report (Might as well have none)


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Can somebody explain me how the coach report mechanics work?

Sometimes I have a player at the club a new one that I like and has all the numbers I want to see a player that age (preferably 16-17-18) that has like half a star or one star CA but the report says hes got 3 star PA which I dont like. I want 4 or 5 star PA.

At first I released those but then after 2-3-4 years resurface at another club. Grown very high stats (as I said I did see numbers I liked) and my scout report now showing PA 5 stars must sign! In some games I did buy back some players and the coach report too says 5 stars PA.

Now I leave a 3 star PA-player on my team if I like the stats of my player and sometimes not always after some games played coming in as a sub all of a sudden its 5 star PA and the best young CD or Attacking Midfielder or whatever other position the player in question is in the squad while 2 weeks earlier was '6th' and just 'decent' can somebody explain whats up with that?

Why have CA and PA? PA should be fixed as were CA is fluid and depends on different factors but it seems it doesnt work like that as PA seems to move up and down like a rollercoaster? So somebody please explain me. You could say well you dont have a good chiefscout or scout but in FM2016 Mobile does not have that ability rating for its scouts since you cant sign none and it is fixed so this cant be due to a crappy scout.

Also Iam having this occur in all my games some with Superb facilities and Academy. Cant be that neither. So can we say scouting and coach reports are crap? If PA is random and changes however it wants reports are useless. Could somebody explain if there is indeed a mechanic to all of this?

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You'll have to learn to trust your own judgement, it's the best way. I've had youth players come through that the coach says won't make it, I trust my instincts and I'll have them in my team for 15 years. 

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3 hours ago, Dec said:

Coaches often don't reflect real ability in order to try and mimic humans getting it wrong however this happens far too often for them to be any use.

I guess you are right if the mistake of judgement is applied too much, coach reports become very unreliable. Thanks for actually confirming there is an deliberate error factor coded into the game it seems like the programmer was in a very generous mood working on it.

@Muzza2108 also a good point I'll try to overlook the PA starfactor as with matches played, intensive training, superb facilities and golden coaches I'll ramp up CA so its real PA is forced to show itself. I guess I just did that with a 2 star PA I made it 4 stars (and Im not finished yet as he is very young) though not in 2 weeks but 4 months. From being '5th best young rightback' to 'best rightback at the club' (didnt sell anyone nor none of the other players stats dropped infact they grow as normal)

See for yourself:image.thumb.png.59aa4e897049eb968652bdb6image.thumb.png.2b1aedff0457d436ddf14987Meet Bruno Bourillon 17 years 2 stars and very red.

image.thumb.png.d1078f1ef42934fbddc76d8bGrowed his PA half a star after just one good game and from red to yellow

image.thumb.png.332d6f5cb7dcb62a086ead4cOne more star added in less then a month

image.thumb.png.bdc6bbcdda26176a0f794e1cAnother month, no PA added but turned from yellow to green

image.thumb.png.6f647910ba9f1b19cd1fa68dimage.thumb.png.aa99b58ec6bfaff5acd9f66b'Best right back' still 17 and way more improving to do. dont want to see brown!!!



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