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Career Barbosa in the EPL (A 1K Attempt) COMPLETE


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Hello fellow Vibers and I'm back with my second 1K attempt and again the madness has struck and I'll be doing it back in the EPL and again with the Gunners as they have a strong squad and I know the players

So as the title suggests I'll be using the mighty Brazilian wonderkid Gabriel Barbosa 

Now I know he's been used to death over 1K attempts but I wanted to see how he could do in one of the toughest leagues in the world 

So here's his stats before we buy him


And a solid set of stats for a striker with greens in all the right places, shooting, passing, technique, creativity, decisions, movement and pace

So here we go

Season 1

So begining of season 1 and we go straight to the transfer market placing all my unwanted players on the transfer list and going out to do some shopping of my own 

Now in my haste to finish the first season I forgot to screen shot the transfer lists but here's our Ins and notable Outs

John Stones CD £30M from Everton

Gregory van der Wiel RB £35M from PSG

Pione Sisto RW £9M from FC Midtjylland

Gabriel Barbosa ST £28M from Santos

Going Out were a lot of young players and some notable names who were sold to raise some capital 

Hector Bellerin, Mathieu Debuchy, Santi Carzola, Serge Gnarby, Yaya Sanogo and Theo Walcott

So with my transfers done it was onto the season ahead 



So our first season and we manage a steller year


We win the league winning by 12 points and only loosing the 1 game in the whole campaign also racking up an impressive 97 goals as well 


Here's how we did in the cups this year


We start the season with a loss on penalties to Chelsea in the Community Shield 


A tight affair sees us lift the Capital One Cup against Spurs thanks to a Barbosa winner


Another tight game sees a single goal from Barbosa clinch the FA Cup again denying Spurs any silverwear this year


A double from both Barbosa and Sanchez in the Champions Cup final sees us crowned champions of Europe 

So a very good year sees us win the league and claim three trophies not a bad start 

Season Awards

We claim a few awards this year too


Barbosa beats out Messi to the WPOTY


Barbosa also claims the EPL POTY with Alexis Sanchez coming 2nd


And I grab myself a MOTY (first of many I'm sure lol)

Gabriel Barbosa

So how did our new star striker do this year, well in my previous attempt Akpom finished his first season on 38 goals 


Barbosa hit that by the beginning of February to then go on and finish the season


56 goals not a bad start to his Premier League career 

So onto season two and hopefully more games like this from the Brazilian 


Edited by Taff
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1 hour ago, Taff said:

I'm sure he'll be fine (although he's not as consistent this year might have to mess with the tactic a bit

Hopefully you can make him a god in the premier league.

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Season 2

So onto our second season and hopefully more goals from my little Brazilian Wonderkid


So not much in the way of transfers this season (and I got the screen shots this time)


Coming in Goretzka to improve my midfield and Maguire as a decent young back up CD


Just a few unused or unwanted players out this year


Our second EPL season and another cracker


We win our second league title again with only 1 loss and leave our competitors in the dust with a huge 25 point gap and leave 6 games to go and again scoring over 90 goals on the way to the title 


We have another good run in the cups this year


Pushing Man City to one side on our way to claiming the Community Shield 


Ozil was on fire scoring 4 on our way to the Euro Supercup title 


A closer affair than the stats suggest but then 21 shots and only 4 on target says a lot about my team and their willingness to shoot (have to look at that)


We have to rely on winning the penalty shootout to lift the FA Cup against Liverpool


We also need a very late goal from Sanchez to clinch the Champions Cup for the second season running 

We miss out on the Capital one Cup this year after loosing out to Man City over two legs


Here's our full season fixture list


A lot of good wins and a few losses where we had to come back in the second leg to clinch victory

Season Awards


Sanchez claims the WPOTY this season with Barbosa coming runner up


But they switch it up with Barbosa winning the EPL POTY


And a second MOTY for myself

Gabriel Barbosa

So how did the main man get on this year, well first a look at his stats 


Looking great with additional greens in his crossing, team work and strength and his goals?


66 10 better than last year (4 more games but still)

Games = 122

Goals = 122

So he's averaging 1 goals a game at this rate (so as long as he plays 1000 games I'll be alright, or more games like this


Team Stats

Here's how the rest of the boys did this year


Barbosa was the goal king with Sanchez also providing a fair share and Ozil grabbing the assist crown from the AP position 

So onto season three and a few more tweaks I think



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1 hour ago, Real_Random said:

Great season mate KIU


28 minutes ago, kts365 said:

Killing it mate. KIU. 

Cheers for the support guys I'll try not to disappoint 

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11 minutes ago, danovic78 said:

Decent first two seasons there, Taff.

Cheers dude, I'm feeling a little more confident this time around as he seems to fit in nicely in the EPL but only time will tell

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OK guys after a short break I'm back and have two full seasons to catch you up with so lets crack on

Season 3

After a better season last year netting 66 goals I'm hoping the dude from Brazil can keep moving his tally up so lets see what his third season in the EPL can bring


So here's my ins and outs this year, 


just the two signings Neves to help out in midfield and Lukaku as a back up LB


Some unhappy/unwanted players out this year


Another year and....


another league title (forgot to screen shot the table, sorry)


Now onto our cup run this year


We just manage to get past Man City after a penalty shoot out


Thanks to Sanchez we destroy AS Monaco in the Euro supercup


Another easy win in the Club World Club championship


A very late penalty secures us another FA Cup title 


And we cruise past Barcelona in the Champions Cup final

We lost out to Man City again in the semi finals of the Capital one cup but another good year for Arsenal in the Cups



A very good season apart from a bad run in January with a couple of draws and losses but very happy over all

Season Awards

More awards for the team this year


Barbosa and Sanchez swapping this year with Barbosa claiming the WPOTY


Same again in the EPL POTY


Stones comes second in the YPOTY


and another MOTY for my self

Gabriel Barbosa

So how did my main man do this year well here's his tally at the end of December 


Basically netting Akpom's first year tally again even earlier than last year, however he then got injured in training and ended up missing most of January

Here's his stats at the end of the season


Pretty much the same as last year, but after his month injured did he manage to get back to his best


yes he did 71 goals 5 more than last year and in 4 less games

Goals 193

Games 181

here's his highlight of the season 5 goals in one game


Team Stats


Barbosa and Sanchez again leading the scoring with Ozil killing the assists this year with 33 


Edited by Taff
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Season 4

So after his best season yet could I keep Barbosa healthy and firing on all cylinders 


I went a bit nuts this year bringing in backups and new starters galore


Brought in Krovinovic to help out Ozil in the AP position, Success was a great buy as he can cover the AP, IF and PCR positions, Barkley to help out my Midfield, Polter as a new TM should I need to switch up tactics and Emerson as a back up LB as Lukaku wasn't up to the task, Guedes I got at the end of the season as a new starting CD


Wilshire and Welbeck wanted more play time and bigger and bigger contracts so they were shipped out along with others who weren't playing 



We win our fourth consecutive league title but again i seem to have forgotten to screen shot the table but in case anyone thinks I'm just using the same screen shot here's our league history 


As you can see four straight league titles, I think because I'm winning the league with games to go I keep forgetting to get the table at the end of the season (I'll make sure it's there in the next update


As you've come to expect another great year in the cups


starting with a close win over Man U thanks to a Barbosa double


Another convincing win in the Euro Supercup beating FCP this time around


A double from Sanchez secures another World club championship


We see off Man U again this time in the Capital one Cup


We lose out in the Semi Finals of the FA Cup after a poor penalty shootout puts Chelsea through


And we claim our fourth Champions Cup after seeing off PSG but we had a great run in smashing FCP over two legs in the Quarter Finals (13-1 agg)



Season fixture list


Just the three losses this season and plenty of good results

Season Awards

More season awards this season


Barbosa once again show he is the top player in the world with Barbosa claiming his second WPOTY in 2 seasons 


Barbosa and Sanchez again claiming 1st and 2nd place in the EPL POTY


Success has a great 1st season and deservedly grabs the YPOTY 


And another MOTY for myself

Gabriel Barbosa

The man himself had another great year


Some improvement in his stats notably his stamina


and again he beats his previous tally, although he did only get two more goals and played two more games but still

Goals 266

Games 242

This is what I like to see more goals than games, lets hope he can get me there although he's only 1/4 of the way there after 4 season which means I'm going to need him to play 16 season at this rate

But some more class from the Brazilian superstar (another 5 goal game need more of these)


Player Stats  

Here's how the rest of the team did


Sanchez showing his class with 38 goals and 23 assists but Success also had a good first year with 20 goals and 14 assists

So cheers again for following guys and stay tuned 


Edited by Taff
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6 minutes ago, kts365 said:

Fantastic hitting over 70 goals in the epl mate. If he keeps this up we may see an 80+ goal season or two  in his prime years

That would be fantastic mate but let's see (I would love to follow your example and hit 140 but I might be stretching it a bit there lol :))

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13 minutes ago, Taff said:

That would be fantastic mate but let's see (I would love to follow your example and hit 140 but I might be stretching it a bit there lol :))

Hahaha there are a just few less games in the epl and some tougher defenses, as I myself am finding out too. I think the ultimate challenge must be cracking Italy.

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Great numbers being  got in here. It's always nice when you get off to a flyer rather than having to play catch up all career. Hopefully he will stay injury free and you can stay ahead of the game. 

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3 minutes ago, kts365 said:

Hahaha there are a just few less games in the epl and some tougher defenses, as I myself am finding out too. I think the ultimate challenge must be cracking Italy.

Yeah but I hate the Italian league as everyone plays such a defensive formation there hard to crack but could be an option after this one


3 minutes ago, billy2shots said:

Great numbers being  got in here. It's always nice when you get off to a flyer rather than having to play catch up all career. Hopefully he will stay injury free and you can stay ahead of the game. 

Cheers dude He's off to another flyer this year as with Akpom he just never seemed to get into the right groove but fingers crossed he can keep fit and get into his prime years full of confidence 

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Season 5

So onto another season and hopefully another increase in goals for the main man from Brazil (bare with me there's a lot more screen shots than usual)

The season didn't get off to the best start


could have been worse but still always a crap way to start 


First onto the transfer market


coming in this season were Passalack as a backup BB, Swinkles (Robben regen) as my new starting RW and Torres as a backup striker


Going out well Ozil was the big name as he wasn't getting the play time with Success and Krovinovic taking over the AP duties


Another year and another league title to win (with screen shots this time), so can we claim our 5 succesive league title....


Of course we can and in winning in style with 8 games to go and leaving Man City 35 points behind us and just to show what a sizable gap that is none of the three relegated teams reached 35 points



We cleaned house in the cup compatitions this year


Starting with what should not have been such a close game but we edge out Chelsea to lift the Community Shield 


We go into extra time against City but knock 3 past them to lift the Euro Supercup


Another Club World Championship to add to the collection 


We lift the Capital One Cup thanks to a double from Sanchez (I had to rest Barbosa as he was getting seriously tired)


Two second half goals sees us beat Man City in a second cup competition this year and lift the FA Cup


And finally a double from my star striker and my new RW sees us demolish Juventus to lift our fifth Champions Cup 

Here's our Trophy case after 5 seasons


5 League Titles

24 Various Cups 

25 MOTY/MOTM awards


Here's our full season fixture list and just check out some of the results (seemed quite divided this year with a lot of 1-0/2-1 but then going out and beating Spurs by 6 goals in two consecutive games)


Season Awards

More season awards this year


Barbosa again claims the WPOTY with Sanchez in second place


Same again in the EPL POTY


My new RW just misses out on the YPOTY


And surprise surprise another MOTY for Moi

Gabriel Barbosa

Now onto the main event and there's plenty to share

First here's his stats


Looking good and strong 

Here's his goal tally at the Beginning of January 


37 goals in 29 games not a bad start to the season, but then he hit the gas and flew 


82 goals @kts365 was right about him hitting 80+ but it's still great to see,

Goals 348

Games 306

Some of his great tally has to come down to the 3 game run where he scored 12 goals


and the game where he scored 5 he missed 2 penalties (that could have been 7 goals in one game WHAT!!!!!)


and just to show how much further ahead he was compared to other EPL strikers this year


33 goals ahead of the next highest scorer 

 Team Stats

Here's how the rest of the team preformed this year


Everyone pulling their weight this year Krovinovic seemed to hit his stride this year with 14 goals and 27 assists and Success also had another good year

So another fantastic season and if Barbosa can keep this up I'm confident we can achieve the 1K target

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3 minutes ago, kts365 said:

Very very nice season. And 80+ in the epl! Class

Cheers dude he must have seen what you typed earlier and said "I can hit 80+ no worries)

But can he keep it up

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I was primarily using a 4231 changing the roles and instructions around but this season I'm using my 3232 with altered roles and it's killing it and Barbosa is flying I'll post an update soon

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Season 6

What a season just WOW, OK let's get going but WOW your in for a treat

I switched up tactics this year giving my (Return of the Taff 3232) tactic a bash with some alterations

Now normally people don't share their tactic on 1K attempts but I have to share and you'll see why later


I did use my 4231 occasionally but this was my primary tactic this year


So first onto our transfers and it was a quit one


Made two signings both of who arrived after the season finished ready for the new start, Gil as a replacement CD and Nugent to help out in the AP position


Going out just some unwanted players


Smashed another league title this year


Another impressive goal and points tally and a nice gap between us and Spurs (86 GD WHAT!!!!!)


Another clean sweep in the cup competitions this year


A brace from Barbosa claims the Community Shield against old rivals Man City


For the second year running we rely on multiple extra time goals to lift the Euro Supercup


A nice easy win in the Club World Championship for the fifth season running


We brush Man U aside to lift the Capital One Cup


Another double from Barbosa helps us reclaim the FA Cup


And finally a great team effort means that we remain the European Champions for a 6th consecutive season


Here's our season fixture list and as you can see plenty of goals 


6 draws and 2 losses all season and goals galore

Season Awards

Another sweep of the Season Awards


Barbosa once again claims the WPOTY (and he couldn't have done more to deserve it) with Stones coming in 2nd


Another EPL POTY for Barbosa and Iwobi stepped up his game this year to come 2nd


Swinkles and Torres split the honers for the YPOTY


And once again my name goes on the MOTY award

Gabriel Barbosa

Now onto the main man and after braking the 80 goal mark last year i was hoping he could get there again (but he went above and beyond this year)


No real improvmant in his stats but here's his goal tally come the 1st of January


Half the season done and he's broken 50 goals could this form continue 


OMG!!!!!!!!! 100 goals in one season that is just beyond my wildest dreams and he's just been on a form I've never known in FMM 

Goals 448

Games 374


54 goals in the EPL just leaving all other competitors in the dust

What a season I really can't complain if he doesn't get this sort of tally next season but I'm gobsmacked 

There's nothing else to say except stay tuned for next season


Edited by Taff
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Is the tactic one you would share ? amazing! Congrats mate! Extreemly impressive. some could Do that in brazil but in a great difficult league thats truely great!

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