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Chat SI, Is this bug fixed in 17


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Turned on FMM for today for the first in a while  for a bit of fun. I say fun but the reality is it often turns into the opposite for me.

I wanted to test a few tactical ideas I had been thinking about and all was going well until


That was out of the blue! Let's take a look in more detail.


Oh yeah, I understand now, the old AI cheat.

Advanced Playmaker playing as a ball winning midfielder


Poacher playing in centre midfield


Ball winning midfielder playing as central defender even though they have plenty of spare CBs



Match 2

Ahhhhh forgot to take a pic of their formation. (no pic means it never happened right.....)

Anyway it was a 4411

With this quality, creative forward playing as an advanced Playmaker behind the striker 


This guy as a ball winning midfielder



and this guy as a CB



If I played like this I would get ruined. Member guys the game doesn't know who the human player is managing lol.




@Alari @Jack Joyce

Please can you confirm if this knownissue is fixed in 17 aa without fail i ruins every singleone of my games and has meanti havent mad past seson two on this years game.



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All of the players mentioned for match 1 are at least accomplished in the position they played (and not too bad in the roles selected), I'm not sure what the problem there is?

Hovland playing AMC in match 2 is an issue, we are looking at improving AI selection/tactics but it is an extremely complicated issue (we aren't ignoring it though!).

The game makes no distinction between human or AI in the ME (why would it? Makes no sense from a development perspective), I've played much worse lineups and ended up winning (as have a few on here from the posts I've seen). I don't see 1/2 losses in a full page of fixtures that are almost all wins as a 'bug' in particular, but as said before, AI selection is being looked at (bear in mind this would likely only make the game harder, not easier).

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18 hours ago, Jack Joyce said:




I don't see 1/2 losses in a full page of fixtures that are almost all wins as a 'bug' in particular, but as said before, AI selection is being looked at (bear in mind this would likely only make the game harder, not easier).



@Jack Joyce winning or losing is not the issue. If you are suggesting we should accept these quirks as long as we are winning games then you are sadly mistaken. Whilst it's true, some people couldn't care about things like this as long as results go their way, there are plenty of us that want a realistic experience. Your comment about making the game harder if this is fixed again suggests we should accept things as they are. 

The issue is the AI playing players in random positions whch improves their team performance in ways it shouldn't. If that's not a bug I don't know what is. Played a few more matches to give you some more info. 

The very next game (3 matches in a row). Defender playing in the hole behind the forwards.



 You can understand teams shoving a centre back forward as a Target Man in the final minutes but AP for a large part of the game is nonsense. 


A few games later against City, De Bruyne playing as a ball winning midfielder from the start. That according to your eary post is acceptable because he can play in centre midfield. 




Time to raise the stakes. City aren't winning so the AI delves ito itsbag of tricks and pulls this little beauty out o the bag. 


Silva as a BWM (perfectly acceptable to you????) and Toure as a left winger. Now pay close attention to Iheanacho . He has come onto the pitch at 77 minutes witwith this crazy player setup. Im goig to smash them now!!!



Oh wait. 1 minute later City score............. 


This is not right SI and it has been present for at least the last 2 years. You won't fix it as you don't recognise it as that much of a big deal as Jack testifies to. 'looking at' means nothing. You have had 2 years to do that. 

Please confirm if it is fixed or should I save my money by not buying 17?


Sorry Imgur playing up, please click the links  

@Dec yes Original. 








Edited by billy2shots
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4 minutes ago, billy2shots said:

OME Dec. 

I know this will be another excuse but if the ome is still part of the game it needs to sort this issue. 

Sadly OME is legacy and won't be developed. Just in there for lower devices.

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We've said on numerous occasions that we are looking at this issue, so i'm not sure where you've got the idea that I said otherwise. Playing their players out of position the way they are is negatively impacting their performance, that's not to say that it's impossible for them to win (which is likely why you won almost every single match, how many players are out of position in those games that you are ignoring?).

Skjlebred playing as a ball-winning midfielder is fine (he's actually got decent stats for that role), De Bruyne is a different case that I clearly wasn't talking about since it wasn't in your post. Same with Stark at CB, he has good stats for that position and is capable of playing there, it's not an issue.

Edit: Just seen that you're in OME, which is a much less realistic version of the EME and is likely the reason for the ai performing well with poor lineups. It's left in for people with very low-end devices but won't be seeing many changes since it's an outdated version of our current ME which is a  heavily updated and improved version.

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Make com only actually work with the EME then, the highlights are a waste of time and show the faults with the game. 

Serious question time - Will com only work on the EME on 2017? Will it actually be faster than watching the pointless images? The issue with com only is it doesn't react enough (issue with com in general tbh, it makes the game feel slow), as it has long periods where nothing changes or happens, tbh I swear the only thing it says is "so and so is in trouble", it says that alot lol. 

Com only on the OME is exciting and fast paced action once you get used to reading and understanding it. I've played com only for years and on the EME it sucks massively, no speed improvement and offers nothing to actually invest in while I found the OME exciting to follow while also ploughing through a save. The lack of action in the matches is what makes it feel like a drag, granted I do feel matches take too long in general and I've thought that since around 2014 I think, I swear a slight change was made between 2013 and 14 with the OME anyway. 

If not give us the options to make the EME worth while, as it stands it offers nothing but prettier images, it still has all the same issues as the OME yet packaged better. On the OME everyone moaned we didn't score enough and wasted chances, the EME has just repackaged that and hides behind clear cut chances. Same issue with a different name, sure some have been fooled but the EME just doesn't offer enough. I jump between both engines and I do like the fast paced action of the OME a lot more, I find the EME boring and slow paced while offering little. No extra features, little game play changes, same tactics, same issues, just slower play and battery issues. 

The EME was advertised as an engine to react to which is instantly rubbished by the fact com only is a thing, how can you react without watching it? How can you react when we don't have the in game stats to? How can we react when we are shown MOTD highlights compared to a full match? 

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I've played with the enhanced engine slot and I don't know about other people but I find that it has some massive issues with players out of position too. United were playing Rooney and Januzaj in defense against me after half time once.

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The stock answer is always 'The OME is outdated now, we are concentrating on the EME which provides a more realistic experience '

I laugh every time, obviously the person saying that hasn't checked the tactics forum over the last 2 years. There's some crazy stuff going on in there that's about as far from real as it gets. 

It's s shame because a lot of vibe members seem to have been fouled by this tag line of 'more realistic ' and they use it in turn. I guess if you say something enough times people will pick up on it. 

To be clear in my view the EME is not

-more realustic

-less realistic



It's just different. It has it's frailties just like the OME, it also has it's quirks that can be exploited when you find them. In fact it has more due to it being newer and SI having less time to find and correct. 


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Am I the o ly who who hasn't played the eme for more than 4 games?Jezz that stuff is just too slow.On the ome the 4411 is just unstoppable jezz it just feels like a cheat tactic for the AI to always knock you off the champions league or important matches.Id keep playing the ome till forever u less it gets scraped off completely atkeast there isn't a stamina bug on this one like we had to suffer last year 

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