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Career KTS Heskey Gudjohnsen challenge


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After having a quick read about this challenge I decided to give it a try as a short aside from my longer challenge attempts. 


Always fun looking at players for a team you've never managed before. I decided to bring in a solid defender and some players to provide wing support for big Heskey up front. Along with gudjohnson obviously.


The season

So I began the season by constructing a tactic to get my two guys as many points as possible and settled on the following



The tactic appeared to be working fairly well early season with Heskey both scoring and nodding balls down for Gudjohnsen to attack. Then in November disaster struck.


A slipped disc knocks the big man out for 6 months essentially ending his season. Particularly awful as he has been doing quite well. 


43 points by the time of his injury. This was shaping up well for him but it was not to be.

Undeterred I decided to carry on my season with Gudjohnsen alone picking up the points. So how did that go?


This is an absolute joke. 1 week after Heskey drops with injury Gudjohnsen is done for the season with a broken leg. So challenge over by late November. How did he score though?


It's a super shame he got injured too because he managed to pick up 47 points too. Again it was shaping up to be goodoing but alas it never came to be.

Challenge ended due to injuries on  23rd November. 


Heskey - 43

Gudjohnsen - 47

Total - 90



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51 minutes ago, Muzza2108 said:

I found the same, injured quite a lot! The winner of this challenge is going to be the man who can keep them fit the longest!

Yeah you're right. Maybe lower intensity training is in order. 

35 minutes ago, Ashez said:

Damn that sucks, massive effort though! 

Thanks man. 

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