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Chat Midfield brothers and Defense cousins.


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What do you think about my defensive and midfielder pairs?



Central Midfielders:


The 2 centrebacks need obviously improving they are 18 but it doesnt take a football-hardened superscout to see they will be top quality.

And about the midfield brothers Christopher is already a monster Pogba watch out! And Eric of 17... even a blind man could see his potential.

But what are your opinions?


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5 minutes ago, Scott said:

Biggest bug in the game is regens :P

Hahaha so regens are bugged I guess but for every good one there are 200 crappy ones... about the same rate as the players there are when the game starts. I like to play a couple of years into the game as I prefer regens and built them up most of the time I sell them before their prime to let another batch in.

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