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Tactics Original Engine Is Dying??


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I use original engine and i prefer it over enhanced one because the game doesnt lag and the game is way too slow in Enhanced.

I try to find tactics for original engine but they are very limited.

If i find, it's not very decent and i lose.

And when i try tactics from previous games it rarely works.

So when i manage a lower league team i struggle and lose.


Can anyone tell me some good original engine tactics for FMM 16??

And also lower league tactics....

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The original engine hasn't been changed in years so more people are going to enhanced as it is improving with every update. 


As as for lower league tactics, there are tips but like big teams you are best to suit your players.

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You should try 4-1-2-3, it's the best tactic I've used for original match engine. 

 TM TM TM              Attacking, Short, Mixed, Mixed, Committed, Pressing

    CM  AP



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