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Really?? Why did I look at the Jobs List? As told in other posts Oldham is one of the 4 teams left I want to manage, but I just got my hands on Paris FC which I whined about a lot on how to get them promoted so I could play them... Iam just halfway my second year now. I wrote a whole blog on pros and cons with pics but my connection flustered a second when pressing submit and it all got deleted the pics i'll send but i'll  leave out some reasoning and jokes.


Oldham became available...


One of the cons was that the stadium wasnt how i wanted it to be and how i wanted to leave (about 50.000) and last upgrading effort got stonewalled (never happened like this before).

Struggling on what to do the club didnt make it easy for me, made me feel like a traitor with a message also never seen before:


And i'll leave out my Lex Luthor's 'the capes are coming' imitation: Hoot! Hoot! The Owls are coming... The Owls are coming...


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@Rhys Rockley Getting player key players winning the League 1 and Championship. First you get a couple of players in and then combined with winning it gets easier to get the players you want.. money wise to pay for them them you get farm players... ones you know will be very good and sell them in 1 or 2 years for ten times the amount you bought them, there are ones that you can sell within the same year for 10M plus profit. Its possible within the same transfer window. (In another save had Rulli on a bosman move... for zilch) Buy cheap as possible the quality player you know and offer him for free, then raise the price and see whats the max you can get out of him. This save I already played 3 other teams scouted around so I know whats out there. And then there is the more simple sugardaddy which pops up if you meet certain requirements dont remember them though . Or you can buy sugerdaddy from the shop. Saves time in going through the player-mill. Unfortunatly today I erased by accident my Oldham save. 

So answer to your question: arm a competetive squad and start winning. clubs like Oldham have a plus, you got time to arm your team and to have them gelled. 

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