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Career Van Ricky becomes manager


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Ricky Ricon alias 'Van Ricky' arrives.

image.jpegRicky Ricon arrives back in the Netherlands with his bag full of no-nonsense looking for a job.

Van Ricky's start with Heracles

Hearing the slick manager was in the country Heracles Almelo quickly gave him a call so he wouldn't be snapped up by Ajax. And since Heracles got a cool new logo starring Dwayne Johnson I guess I'll just sign.



Give me that pen! And let's get it on with!


Revamping the squad.

OK now give me some money and lets see what the squad looks like!

image.pngThe money.

image.jpegThe players and staff.... And who is this dude with his exotic hat? 

The money is lame the players are lame so its a win-win here. A wise Cuban man told me once: 'When you sell the players you get the money and when you get the money you got the players that do win you trophies.' So I'll get to the wheeling and dealing before the season kicks off.

image.jpegSacked the old bunch brought in fresh staff and told them to step their game up. As you can see it worked.

image.pngThis is what the staff looks like now. Iam lacking an attacking coach... Bergkamp (will be hard to pry away from Ajax).

Now upgrade the facilities because they aren't up to standard + I need room for another coach, so lets go to the boardroom.

image.pngWhat can I say? Lack of ambition...

Now let's go to the actual squad. Throw out all the dead wood... And here in Almelo we've got a whole forrest so lets get chopping.

image.pngWTF! I'll free 'chainsaw' release those!

image.pngThis one will be right out of the door a fringe player hard to sell but easy to release.

image.pngWTF?? Can't release him? Did the board members suck too hard on the crack-pipe?

Lets deal with this Iam Van Ricky...

image.jpegimage.png'You got a calf strain boy.'   'Y-y-yes boss yes, a calf strain.'

Luckily I also got very good deals on crap players so I guess my reputation precedes me. And I got top talent (snatched away from everywhere) or so has to be seen this first season. 

image.jpegimage.jpegThe In's

image.jpegThe Out's + a slew of released players and demoted a bunch.

The team for the season looks like this:

image.pngI lack a real DL (wanted Luke Shaw but he was too expensive + being Heracles would have to offer him 200K+ wages Iam not there just yet) but use Kongolo for now and the second season will see another tweak depending how players will be performing this season.

The odd stuff.

Iam very bad at signing players as I got a poor piece of business in Kongolo and an aberration in Sanchez:


image.pngMr. Aberration and Mr. Poor Piece of Business...


image.pngFor once the coaches don't agree with the board and side with me.

The trouble.

I did have some trouble getting what I wanted but nothing Van Ricky can't handle:

image.pngThe people of FC Twente didn't want to let my man between the sticks come home...

image.jpegSo I went with the boys from Heracles to meet up with the board of FC Twente... One of the old geezers from the board scurrying away... All said and done Drommel plays for Heracles.

image.pngLozano wanted to stay at the Pachuca Cartel but I made him come to his senses pretty quick when I told him about Dutch marihuana...

Training and Tactics.

For training I got a very intensive scedule (don't use a seperate scedule for fitness and even less technical).





Fitness I actually do use for players with very low physical stats and players that cry too much. Its gruelling I know but Im Van Ricky... What!? Did I hear something?

image.pngDoes it look like I care? They don't have problems raking in thousands a week. Van Ricky's employees in the red light district gain a fraction of what these lads are making, and they really feel worn out at the end of the week!


image.pngtactically I play a attacking 4-4-2 with wingers... I havent played a game without wingers, you got to have 'em! Pretty brief explantion but straight out of the no nonsense bag.

Start of the season.

WTF??? One can barely read in yellow! It says: Start of the season.

image.pngMy first game: Smooth but midfield struggled.

image.pngSecond game: A real kick in the teeth! I do not like to lose. But this band of players is young (haven't got a captain, well yes I do but they are barely past being teens they had the biggest leader stats) and the team still needs to gel.

image.pngNow the season kicked off! 4 games in and Ajax (favorite) is nowhere to be seen. Still early though... Didnt want a loss but conceded one anyway. Let's see how this season will go. It looks like there will be a lot of goals... I'll post again at the end of the season.

Edited by RickyRicon
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The Season.

Looking at the last screenshot of the other post is like looking at a mirage in hindsight. This has to be one of the most thight seasons I have ever played.

Beside end results Van Ricky describes this season as abysmal:

-Goalkeeper conceived a lot of goals.

-Defense not strong in the tackle.

-Midfield had no clue and got consistantly rated badly.

-Wingers not backtracking.

-Strikers not testing goalkeeper.

Even in winning games the team got predominantly negative commentary, lets see the fixture list:


As one can see a lot of scraping going on. Van Ricky is not satisfied.


Injuries and Red Cards.

1, 15 and 22th of november utter disaster.


image.pngRed cards...

This disaster is due to a poisonous mix of circumstances but first of all I'll say that my tactics can be finetuned they are not perfect by a longshot. Now for the part where Van Ricky really gets mad... The club didnt let me upgrade the facilities from the start so my intensive training (something I will abide by, always have and worked fine) caused augmented fatigue and injuries. Plus the fact for my style of play I did have a very tiny squad so injuries are felt and hasn't got as much rotation. Also I didn't have the money to get more depth (quality or in other words as good as my starting 11 - I could have used some old players I couldnt get rid of or bought cheap players and I just won't, I won't buy anyone I think will serve me just one season). On top of all of this: all players are youngsters... I usually have youngsters all over but with a spine of more established players which were absent... Lack of money

I had to choose: a squad of promising youngsters or 4 or 5 quality players maybe less. I will try to lace up next season. At least they gelled and rioted together in the dressingroom.

They even killed a guy from Vitesse when after being humiliated and 3 goals down had a conciliation goal from Luis Henrique turned down.


The players were furious and in the following brawl they snapped the neck of a Vitesse player:


Additional signings.

In the January transferwindow I bought two more players to seal my defense:

image.pngimage.pngReece Oxfort.

image.pngimage.pngBjörn Engels.

The Good Stuff.

Although I feel the team under performed a lot of youngsters were blossoming. I guess flowers really grow better in manure.


We also won stuff:

image.pngimage.pngThe Dutch Cup: A reel teethkicker!

image.pngimage.pngChampions without anything to spare.

image.pngimage.pngOfcourse very deserved!

 After all this winning they had to agree with my demand to upgrade the facilities... TWICE!


League Statistics:

image.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngNot much to add... The only screen where my players stand out is in the Yellow Card section... Agitated lads...

Season Review.




Now when Van Ricky starts the second season he will asses his players, sell the no-no's for huge profit. Get some much needed starpower to motivate the youngsters. And get shit really going, so Heracles has a shot at European level.

For now we say goodbye to this season together with the loyal Heracles supporters...







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Season 2.


Man-o-man... Really? I just looked back at my first season finished. Who the F is this Ricky-guy? Started out as a proper bloke and ended his season with boring-ass sumaries not one or two... no whole lists of hindsight shit and some cooked up apolegetic excuses for having this disfunctional squad (this is what playing and writing untill 5am will do to a hard-core football manager). I really got to get my roll on! Season 2 is about getting shit done!

Facilities & stadium.


Yes I upgraded the facilities twice at the end of season 1. But you won't get any wine by squeezing two grapes, you gotta mash that vineyard! So lets go to the boardroom and get that stadium bigger I just happen to know a contractor that can get the job done... an associate of mine. Let's get busy!

image.pngWhat!? YOUR time wasted? OK then, we'll start the renovations ourselves...

image.jpegStarting with the seats...

image.pngThe power of persuasion...


The last Coach.

Now I just rembered something I can get my final coach, there can be only one more...  No, no Duncan M-Effing -Macleod of the clan Macleod... No, more something like... Bergkamp. Really? just now I realized this? 'Sleeping crocodiles are handbags' someone once told me so lets get to Amsterdam.


Now when I got into Bergkamp's office he gave me a really foul look, maybe because I took some boyscouts from the Heracles fan-base with me.

image.pngSo the talks didn't go very well as you can see. 'not interested in joining the club as a coach.' Very well then...

image.jpegI'll have you join as a punching-bag.

In the end I ended up with Pepijn.

image.pngShould get the job done...

Now what's next? I can't remember... Come on Van Ricky get your shit straight! It's not like I was having a party last night filled with booze, yayo and girlfriends for hire... No! Ricky was writing like a priest in an abbey... The players! Yes tranfers and dealings, transfer season isn't closed yet so I will update as soon ast that's straightned out.



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The PSG and Man City Dream.

I was about to start with the transfers and players, but somebody made me change the order in which I begin this post: Meet Abdullah Felini Al Herachli.


This guy popped up today in Almelo. A real showstopper with his golden robe. When driving by the stadium I saw a press conference right in front of the gate. So I called the people from the club to ask what was going on... It appears the 11 year old son of Abdullah saw the stadium of Heracles and wanted to enter, it so happened that there was a game going on and Abdullah's son really liked the atmosphere. So now his father dropped by to anounce his son will donate his pocket money for this week! YAY!



Transfers & Players.

Now to start with the players, I said I would be making a buck this season... but the sellables arent ready yet to be sold they are very underdeveloped. I got the best facilities just a month ago so this season is set for talent to grow. 

There is one player in particular Iam worried about, paid 7M for him because in a paralel FMM2016 universe he was incredible. Reece Oxfort.

image.pngThis is him in one save...

image.pngThis is him right now in my save... What do you guys think? Will that 2 really come up to 17? Also in the first he's a BPD in the current save he's LD. So you guys tell me and if he isn't going the same route I will toss him in the next dumptruck or he can swim with the fishes. It's a good thing Al Herachli gives his son such a plentifull weekly allowance.

Transfers in:image.png

Shaw: needed him badly as Kongolo is a natural CD and even so the only one who could play left-back. Shaw was too expensive last season, now even while they sold him for more I seduced club and player with the scent of money.

Strootman: quality player and in my setup a senior, with leadership 16 can function as a captain. He can give my midfield the spine it so painfully lacked last season.

Malcom:worldclass LEFT winger in the making if done right. Who have played this game long enough will know quality left wingers are far and few in between as oposed to right wingers. I was dissapointed in the evolution of Herving Lozano.

Kenedy: Is like Malcom but on the right. I got a player for that position: Zivkovic but he's still not developed enough and can falter in big games that in the Champions Cup surely will pop up. Also got Pulisic but very young needs lots of work can't cover for Zivkovic YET.

Højbjerg: Very expensive for the player he currently is? Yes! Quality rotation partner with Mensah, Sanchez and Strootman? Yes! Also got Norwegian Fossum on paper he looks better than Mensah but he failed a lot last season so he'll be back-up unless his preformances start to spike.

Rulli: Best signing! For free. Had just one GK I pried away from Twente last year in my squad. It still needs to be seen Drommel is quality Rulli looks more the part so these two will work together this season. Also I conceded more than I wanted last season.

Tevez: He's not on the list? WTF? Whatever... Tevez senior player got him from Boca cheaply. Very rare I sign a player this old... Non existant but I did this in a previous save and it worked out well in a squad of teens he brings experience.

Transfers out:image.pngLozano and Juste got a chance to show what they can do at another club. And some old members sold and released No big bucks here since these were the most unsellable of last year and couldnt ditch them earlier.

Now the crown jewels: Although this transfer season looked very Real Madridesque this will not be the trend. If I buy its Arsenal style youngsters so Shaw and Kenedy are in line with that... (earlier because the prices I paid are ridiculous I didn't have the Rep & Infrastructure to sign them without skyhigh wages so the norm will be if I buy: younger and earlier) Strootman and Tevez aren't but they were needed to get the foundation because every original player of Heracles is out now.

Where do I want to go with this? The 4 real stars of this transfer window:

image.pngDanny Berghuis: Will double with Shaw on the left. Future star.

image.pngMarco Koster: Will replace Passlack and Passlack is a youth coming up himself.

image.pngGlenn Bergkamp: Dennis Bergkamp wouldn't come... His son did. Got my midfield covered so he's for the future. He will play the odd game once in a while.

image.pngRobin Kuipers: I doubt he will play much. Until he is 18 and will send him on loan spells he'll play a couple of games and get trained at the superb facilities of Heracles.

Weird Shit.

I was walking around the pitch the other day and saw Dwayne Johnson has competition hahaha check this out:

image.jpegBrave-ass Lion Warrior complete with shield and sword. I wonder what that Greek-ass lady is singing.

Get the engine started.

Now let's blast off! I want wins. I want clean sheets. I want form sky-high. Ofcourse I want lots of goals. And I want the youngsters gaining momentum and go into growspurts. No fatigue. No injuries. No lack of harmony and discipline. The boss is Van Ricky! Don't  disappoint me this year!

image.png16 goals in 4 competetive games! That's what the F I'am talking about! Sweet! Transfer season all set and done. I'll be letting you guys know how this season went al the ins and outs and what not. 



Edited by RickyRicon
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Great read mate loving the bits of humour in there to, but how the hell did you get that sort of money for such mediocre players in your first season??

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The Season.


Now with the second season over and done with it has been a ride...


When the season kicked of I had some slouches that I wanted to get rid of... One in particular: Reece Oxfort, I was fuming about his crappy stats:


But it seems like he's recovering:


As did Engels and Fossum:


Pretty decent... and especially Engels which was needed since my back-line had mayor fitness dificulties. Shaw, Van Beek, Kongolo and Engels himself looked like they got 70% fitness glued to them al season long. While the new left an right-back Berghuis and Koster always one hundred!!! Babic was also always fit and so was my signing hafway the season: Jordy de Vries: TBD (To Be Developed)


I got the feeling that Kongolo and Van Beek wil get ofloaded next season.

Overall everybody coped with the pressure and got stats raised. Before I go to the matches I want to present tou guys with two blokes that if everything works out will be goalscoring machines as this season my topscorer came in second... not by one or two goals... no by eleven!!! WTF? I should throw him in jail! Meet Seedorf (Not Clarence) and Hoekstra:


This is edited in last moment as I forgot that while I was watching Anthony Bourdain travelling the world over to eat weird-ass food. (He has his own show on I forgot what network) Now this geezer travelled to Seoul, South-Korea. While the guy was eating snake eggs still laying in the freshly cut open wound of the wriggling snake and marinaded with scorpion venom at a street stand near the Seoul stadium I saw a korean dude kicking a football around in the background. His blistering pace as he flashed by was obvious and I could barely see but this guy was LEFT... could be a left winger in my squad the next season!!! I picked up the phone and tracked him! Ji-Hoon Kim welcome!


The Games.

I want to talk about one game in particular against Vitesse as one of my boys killed a bloke of theirs, now we are fierce rivals! They came to our place with an army of suporters hahaha like that is going to impress us! THIS IS HERACLES! They came and waved their birdy bird flag:image.png

but after Hoekstra's 4th goal it was the neck-breaking killah celebrating.image.jpeg

End of game!image.png

Now for the rest of the Eredivisie:image.pngimage.png

Didn't draw a game, my boys just won or lost.image.pngimage.pngimage.png

A loss to Ajax is acceptable... against NEC and PEC Zwolle not so Effing much!

Don't want to talk about the Dutch Cup:image.png

The Dutch Super Cup was way more interesting:image.png

Now what's left? The Champions League!!! Whithout further ado:

Groupstage: Flawless!image.png.... Ok Ok a little blemish! a speck!

Quarter: A little scraping first match, goalfest the second.image.pngimage.png

Semis: A disappointing draw and a goal-shocker!image.pngimage.png

Final: Scraping the win like they are going to scrape Heracles name into the Champions Cup. image.png

The winning goal! Højbjerg!!!image.jpeg

The Champions!!!

Let's close this season down with some Eredivisie stats:image.jpegTop 10 form... What else?

image.pngGoals... Fkcu Mitroglou!

image.pngAssists, amazingly Strootman leader but Kenedy and Malcolm visible too.

image.pngRed cards??? What are those?

image.pngYellow cards... Fossum! Bad boy! 'almost as bad as a Congolese dictator' I was about to say until I glanced and saw Makoto Hasebe is Japanese.

image.pngPOM... Gabriel!!!

image.pngGoals conceded... way better than last year... played Kuipers (third pick) 10 times. The 3 combined: The Heracles Wall! 

Wait! This isn't the end!

Personal Awards.


image.pngNice Barbo... you weren't top goalscorer but still stamped your mark on this season.

image.pngNow this is being greedy...

Before closing I'll throw in this:image.png

For anybody that likes this story... See you next season! Greetings from Almelo!image.jpeg



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Season 3.

Welcome to the third season with Heracles. The transfer season already over and done with includes a juicy deal. Squad update looks promising. As always in Almelo crazy stuff happens and when Van Ricky is around that shit multiplies! I'll upload all the crap from the first 6 months  by the end of this day, hell I might even include the wintertransfers too!image.jpegHeracles Almelo salutes you!

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