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Challenges The A-Z challenge


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The A-Z Challenge

The topic title sort of speaks for itself. This is a challenge I thought of myself, and will indeed attempt it myself.

Basically, you can load any 4 leagues you like to start off with, but your journey MUST start at someone beginning with the letter A. 

In order to move onto the next letter, you must win a trophy at your previous club. There's no time limit to win a trophy at your club, but obviously the sooner you do so, the sooner you can move onto the next club, thus eventually completing the challenge quicker.

Here's an example to explain it a bit better (If I didnt already do so) :

- I load up England, France, Germany and Italy

- I start at Arsenal, and win the FA Cup in my first season

- Because of this, I must move onto the next club, beginning with B

- I simulate half of the following season and notice there's a vacancy for the Borussia Dortmund job, which I get offered after applying

- I then win the Bundesliga in my second season with the club, and move back to England, to Chelsea. And so on.

You can start at any club beginning with A, from Accrington Stanley, to Atalanta, to Arsenal.

Feel free to give it a go, and post your results below!

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