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Help Nesta regen?


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Yes,I started new game just to seek old players..I don't know if it's possible but it seems that his regen is not DC but DMC..never saw position change before

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I have gotten a Nesta Regen before. He is really easy to identify because he is usually yellow in sweeper which is uncommon among young Italian defenders. And he is really good

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2 hours ago, Lav50 said:

Mine is also yellow in sweeper but he is dmc unfortunately

They share injury pronesness and some other attributes

Than that is probably him because he can usually be retrained as a dmc (for me anyway) also if they share a hidden stat that can't change (I'm 90% sure injury proneness doesn't change) that's another sign

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16 hours ago, Lav50 said:

Injury pronesness is 19 so ain't of much use anyway,thanks though

 No problem hopefully you can  find him

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