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Career Taffs "The Golden Oldies" Attempts (Complete)


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Hello fellow Vibers and I'm back with another Challenge attempt

After finishing my 1K attempt I was looking for a nice short career to press on with before the release of FMM17

This one caught my eye as it's by the man who now has to be considered a 1K legend after his Greyed Out Player 1K the man of course being @kts365

He came up with this challenge and since it didn't seem to be getting any love I took it upon myself to give it a go

Here's the link to the original post which explains the Challenge in more detail



The basic premise is to take over a team for 5 seasons and sign a new player over the age of 34 every season, then earn points for various tasks ie scoring goals, assists, clean sheets etc

I will be attempting the hard version which involves using a different positioned player each year, GK, Defender, Midfielder, Wide/Attacking Midfielder and Striker

So with that said lets Crack on

Season 1

So to start my season I decided to stick with the EPL and in honor of @Ashez I chose the mighty LFC


Now onto the player and I decided to go big (as big as you can with any player over 34) and sign the mighty Italian GK


Gianliugi Buffon the Italian star who is still going strong at 37 and he cost me a whopping £23M to sign which would be ridiculous for any other player over 34 but this is Buffon

So onto the season and how did Buffon and the Team do this season 


First our transfers and we only singed two players


Buffon obviously and Bolasie from Palace to help the LW position


And some unwanted players going out

League and Cups

So we started the season OK but then I switched to a 433 tactic I've been messing with and bang we shot off


We win the EPL title, Capital One Cup and the Euro Cup in our first season with Buffon having some great games and some horrible ones too


As you can see from the fixture list, Buffon only kept clean sheets in European games until we switched the tactic after the 3-3 draw with Chelsea where he went on a 6 game run without conceding a goal and the rest of the season he did very well



Gianluigi Buffon

So how many points did he get this year.


Buffon played 59 games (he missed only the last two games of the season against Everton and the Euro Cup Finals against Valencia) got 1 POM award and an avg rating of 7.16, but most importantly he had 29 cleen sheets

So going on @kts365 point system 

POM - 1 = 5 points  

AVG Rating - 7.16 = 0 points 

Cleen Sheets - 29 x 7 = 203 points

So after my first Season Buffon scored 208 points 

My next season will be with a Defensive player so stay tuned



Edited by Taff
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Thanks for the praise Taff and for giving this a go. Nice amount of clean sheets there too. Unlucky on the avg rating though it will be more difficult with a keeper.

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14 hours ago, kts365 said:

Thanks for the praise Taff and for giving this a go. Nice amount of clean sheets there too. Unlucky on the avg rating though it will be more difficult with a keeper.

Thanks dude, I thought more clean sheets would have meant a better rating but he was either solid as a rock or leakier than a siv all season so not to bummed 

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OK guys we're back and I have 4 full seasons to catch you up on so lets get started 

Season 2

So this season we looked at bringing in a defender and found a man who needed a boost in his career 


Fabricio Coloccini moves to Anfield after a so so career at St James Park and we hope he can help the team achieve some good results and plenty of clean sheets


First our ins and outs this year and not to much coming in


Coloccini comes in from Newcastle for £650K, Rulli was a great signing for free to replace Buffon, Bogonda didn't last long and Guedes was the big signing helping out on the LW and RW


Just a few unwanted/unused players going out and £8.5M for Grujic was a good bit of business as I had no plans for him and the offer came in so I took it



Another league title with only the one loss all season, not the highest scoring season but only 18 conceeded was a good year



We sneak past PSG on penalties claiming the Euro Super Cup


Guedes clinches the Capital one Cup (should have scored more but a win is a win)


A 2-1 win (all three goals coming in extra time) but we see of Barcelona to clinch the Champions Cup


Here's our full season fixture list


Some good results and plenty of clean sheets

Season Awards


Firmino claims the runner up spot in the EPL POTY award


And I clinch my second MOTY award

Fabricio Coloccini

So how did our Golden Oldie defender get on this year, well after a slow start we switch to a more defensive tactic which helped no end



Not to much to look at here with no Goals, Assists or MOM and a very average 7.09 end of year rating but he did help achieve a few clean sheets

32 in total that's pretty impressive

Goals - 0 = 0

Assists - 0 = 0

MOM - 0 = 0

Clean Sheets - 32 x 5 = 160

End of year Rating - 7.09 = 0

Total - 160 points



 So after two season here's how we stand 

Buffon - 208 points

Coloccini - 160 points

Total - 368

@kts365 I think you did better than that in 1 season so I can't see this being close


Edited by Taff
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Season 3

Onto our third season and time to get ourselves a midfield player who can hopefully add some points before @kts365 kicks my butt all over the shop :P

So with limited options (couldn't get Yaya Toure to sing with me) we ended up with an unknown player in the form of 


Angelo Palombo (never heard of him) but still has some great green stats for a 35 year old so lets get cracking and see how we did


First onto the transfer market


Some huge business this year bringing in De Bruyne from City for the whopping some of £70M, Mori from Everton to help strengthen my CD, Polter to add a bit of physicality up front, John as a good back up winger, Palombo becomes my most expensive "Golden Oldie" costing £1.2M from Sampdoria then Bender on a free transfer to backup the midfield and a Loan player from SPO who didn't really contribute 


Going out pleanty of unhappy players Markovic, Coutinho, Henderson, Benteke and Lallana all wanted more play time so I got rid to help bring in the likes of De Bruyne and help balance the books as it only left me £13.9M down on the year


Another year and another league to win


And we win it in style 12 points clear and a much better goal ratio this year and only 2 losses 


Another good run in the cups this year


A single goal from Sturridge sees off Spurs and helps us claim our first Community Shield 


Markovic (before he left) scores a double to secure our second Euro Super Cup


A Great team win sees us lift the Club World Championship beating Toronto 5-1


A Good win over Palace helps secure another Capital One Cup 


We lose out in the FA Cup final to Chelsea


But we go on to claim our second Champions cup beating the Italian Giants Juve 3-1


Our full season fixture list


Season Awards


Firmino this time claims the POTY crown with Origi coming second


I claim my third MOTY award 

Angelo Palombo

Lets see how my little Midfielder did (Forgot to look at MOM again this is going to kill me)


So not bad but far from excellent 

Goals - 4 x 5 = 20

Assists - 14 x 3 = 42

MOM - 0

End of year rating - 7.22 = 0

Total 62

A shocking season and this has to be it no coming back now

Buffon - 208

Coliccini - 160

Palombo - 62

Total - 430

I'm so screwed 



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Now these next two season are interesting as both myself and @kts365 have chosen the same two players so there's an added thrill to see who preforms better

Season 4

So for season four I needed an attacking midfield player and there was only one choice


The Dutch legend himself Arjen Robben, but can he preform well enough to pull me back into contention 


Onto the transfer market we go


Alderweireld comes in to partner Mori in the heart of defence, Hughes, Casimero and Gundogan come in to shape the Midfield and Robben and Drost were both very good free agents


No real drama here Sturridge lost his spark and went for a measly sum of money the rest just wanted out


With Robben acting as my main IF I was hoping to do well in the league


And we storm to our fourth league title breaking the 100 goal mark and leaving our nearest rivals 18 points away


Could we improve on our cup tally this year


Robben scores on his debut to help us clinch another Community Shield beating Chelsea 3-0


Another new signing Alderweireld scores the only goal to clinch our third consecutive Euro Super cup


We clinch another Club World Championship after seeing off Colo Colo


Robben scores a hat-trick to secure our fourth Capital one cup


A very tight game again sees us lift our first FA Cup this time beating Chelsea in the Final

However Chelsea had revenge knocking us out of the Champions cup


Here's our season fixture list


Some huge results here most notably beating Arsenal 7-1 early on and beating United 7-3 towards the end of the season

Season Awards 

Some more end of season awards this year


De Bruyne claiming runner up spot in the WPOTY


Robben and Firmino claim 1st and 2nd in the POTY


Guedes misses out on the YPOTY


And a fourth MOTY award for me

Arjen Robben

How did the Dutch maestro do this year can he help lift my points tally (second season didn't get his MOM stats and that's going to hurt)


But a great season helps when he has games like this


But his age did show during the season 


but still a cracking season

Goals - 49 x 5 = 245

Assists - 18 x 3 = 54

MOM - 0 (Dammit)

End of Year Rating - 8.51 - 100

Total - 399

My best season by far but I'm way to far behind KTS365 now

Buffon - 208

Coliccini - 160

Palombo - 62

Robben - 399

Total - 829

Which leaves me only needing 656 points to beat @kts365 I've got this in the Bag LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Edited by Taff
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Season 5

So onto our final season and needing only 656 points to beat my rival (as we're the only ones trying this) @kts365, I go in "High" on confidence 

As I said last season we both ended up with the same players for season 4 and 5 so it's my honor to present the same striker as my competitor


seriously neither of us could get anyone to sign with us we both wanted Ronaldo and both ended up with Nugent so we are both winners yeah!!!!


A very quiet season for the transfer window this year


Nugent was the only signing and another free addition


More unhappy players out with John, Ings and Allen shown the door 


Another year and.....


another win and another comfortable one at that winning 31 out of 38 and only loosing 1 and just shy of 100 points 



An easy win sees us open the season in style over United and claim the Community Shield yet again


We beat Man U for the second time to claim the Capital One Cup


Nugent and Firmino clinch the goals to bring the FA Cup back to Anfield 


And for all the Liverpool faithful this will bring a smile as we beat Man U for the third time in a cup compitition to clinch the Champions Cup


Season fixture list


Season Awards


De Bruyne this time does claim the WPOTY


Firmino and De Bruyne claim 1st and 2nd in the POTY awards


And a fifth consecutive MOTY award for yours truly 

David Nugent

So how did the ex Riverside man do this year enough to win me the challenge...


Of course not laughably no where near, but did better than I would have thought possible (and I remembered to get the MOM info this time)

Goals - 23 x 5 = 115

Assist - 22 x 3 = 66

MOM - 8 x 5 = 40

End of Year Rating - 40

Total - 261

So our grand final total

Buffon - 208

Coliccini - 160

Palombo - 62

Robben - 399

Nugent - 261

Grand Total - 1090

Not as bad as I thought but we finished 394 points off @kts365

So my hat is tipped to you sir for creating the challenge and for kicking my ass doing it


Edited by Taff
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Great attempt mate. you got so much more out of Nugent than I did so kudos for that.

Post this link in this thread please dude.


Edited by kts365
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1 hour ago, Real_Random said:

So close mate. That MOM info could've made it much tighter. KIU

Cheers dude feel like such an ass especially with Robben he probably lost lots of points by not getting that info

but hats off to @kts365 for using his first three players better than I did (taking pens corners etc) as they say fortune favours the bould

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