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Chat Does Chelsea need a back 4??


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Hello, I just want to say that I'm relieved this site will continue to run I have found it extremely helpful in the past which is why I'm back again.

In recent weeks Chelsea has continued to have mixed results with the new gaffer trying hard to faze out the old CFC system and replace it with a much needed cage of formation  (3 at the back) but will it work?

It certainly did against Leicester today, but even though I've liked the idea of this formation for a number of years I've always been a bit to scared (for want of a better word) to try to implement one!

Until now!

I've looked at tactics that other people have posted before and as good as they are there just not what I was looking for, so I've tried to do my own back 3 tactic, I've had great success with back 4 tactics in the past but they were variations of existing tactics by other people.

So I've tried my own!

We lost to juventus 1-0 with the team below!

Costa scored but was disaloud, I'd like to have 2 up front but costa is a better player on his own.

Does anyone have any suggestions, player recommendations ect!

I was thinking mixed passing, long distribution and committed tackling. 

I hope someone can help.

Thanx for letting me waffle on at 1 o'clock in the morning.




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