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I want to keep this short and simple to see what people think about my current save. I will also keep it updated through the seasons if I see enough interest from other players. To be more specific, it's the first one I've played since I bought the game this year. Although I didn't start this save by coaching this unknown Spanish team from 2nd Division B, I did take them by accident while I was only managing Croatia, clciked the option to apply for teams with good reputation and then went on holidays. When I came back, the option was there and I took it. 


Season 1: 17/18. Started with the team in 19th place less than half into the season. Managed to take them out of the relegation zone about 10 games later, went back down to it and miraculously saved them from everything in the last game with a 1-0 win against city rivals and playoff contenders Murcia FC. Final position: 13th with 42 points


Season 2: 18/19. First full season, but I didn't have high expectations. That's why it was such a big surprise to find myself among the top 4 teams that were fighting for a place in the promotion playoffs. Unfortunately, I couldn't hold on to the rhythm and found myself in 5th place with one match to go, but this time there wasn't going to be any last minute miracle. I remained in 5th position with 65 points, so another 2nd B division season had to be played. 


Season 3: 19/20. By this time I was positive that the playoffs were well within reach. So I wasn't surprised when I found my team in 2nd place, this time with 82 points and 110 goals after the regular season. Only the top four teams from four different 2nd B groups (each containing 20 teams) qualify for playing the playoffs, so it is more than possible to have a complete season's effort shattered after having just one bad match. I passed the first round by a penalty shootout after two consecutive 0-0 ties. The final and decisive round saw my team fall after a 0-1 global against Sabadell. 


Season 4: 20/21. Complete dominance from UCAM as they breeze through this year's 2nd B division. Exactly 125 goals and 93 points put them in first place and again it's having to play two playoff rounds that will decide if the effort was worth it. First round started with a goalless draw and another set of penalties was looking more likely until an 85th minute goal by Javier Zapater put things 2-1 in our favour. The second round started with yet another 0-0 draw. I will let this image speak for itself of how the game went down. I must admit that after the initial 30 minutes I was already planning to resign and take over another team.


Mostrando Screenshot_20160923-001434.png

Season 5: 21/22. Moving into Liga Adelante (2nd division). This year there wasn't going to be any last minute miracle because no was needed. An anonymous 16th place (out of 22 teams) was much of an atmosphere killer for a save that I plan to become epic over time.


Season 6: 22/23. Probably the most unexpected season, as it was the one in which I scored the least amount of goals in a full season since I started this save. Only 56 goals for and 36 against, to prove that it's not only the number of goals but when you score them. A final 3rd place after a fought battle against Tenerife that was only decided by one point put me in the playoffs for promotion for the third time in this save. As it shows, I'm not very good at them, so it was not a surprise to lose against Castilla (Real Madrid's second team)  in the first round. Deception? Castilla went on to win the playoffs, and as the rules say that they were not elegible for promotion, the third promotion was awarded to the team that had finished the regular season in third place*



Mostrando Screenshot_20161017-080500.png

* I went on to look for what the actual rules had to say and I couldn't find the proper information. Both Castilla and Barcelona B were elegible for playing the playoffs but not for actually being promoted. So I can't say this is in fact a bug or not. It's also worth noting that Alavés defeated Barcelona B in their playoff.


Season 7: 23/24. this is how it's looking so far



Mostrando Screenshot_20161021-160012.png

As you can see the goal crisis still continues.

Mostrando Screenshot_20161017-231315.png

          AF        CF

IF                                 W

         B2B       BWM

FB     BPD       LD         WB



I think I've only put this last screenshot to show that I have Ballotelli and Diego Costa, but they both have been replaced by youngsters with better stats. I've also had Fernando Torres playing in the team right until the first promotion, then become part of the staff, but he was fired this season after not getting gold.

Side note: That defender Barry has been with UCAM since my first transfer window and is now 30 years old. I've already extended his contract for him to play the ten years that are necessary for me to get my son after he retires. He's not that great player and he's normally a sub, but he cost ten thousand Euros and has played over 100 matches!


How did the Copa del Rey go? Best result was fourth round in my second season. I couldn't play it because of a bug in the game until 22/23 but I didn't make it past second round. Again, not very good with playoff matches.


I'm particularly keen on this save because of it being my first and because I'm expecting to win a major international title with this team. I hope you didn't find this story boring. I will keep it updated if anyone's interested!

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