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Tactics help needed with weird formation/tactic


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i've changed phone, and now i can't replicate my weird tactic in detail and i am struggling, this tactic was so good that i only needed to make a few ticks now and then.

home or away i was winning every game, even with low table teams.

the formation was:






i gave it a few ticks changing the IF to wingers, or one the CM's to BWM or AP, or both, depending on the opposition.

In fact this tactic was so good that i almost never changed team instructions, and those i can't remember, so a bit of help if you know/knew or have this tactic to set team instructions right.

note: my cm were left a bit exposed, so they rarely have high ratings, except when i demolish teams (which isn't rare).

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When did you have success with this tactic? Various patches since then may have affected the way it works (the tweaks to IFs for example.)

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21 hours ago, Fish18ish said:

Well since i've downloaded the game (about six months ago) you have a point with the patches, as i believe that i've set team instructions right; attacking, pressing, off side trap, but the passing i can't be sure if its short, mixed or long ball, and if its focused on both flanks or mixed and this may be crucial even with diferent patched, probably there's something the game engine couldn't cope with there.


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2 hours ago, filipetorres said:


The device you use won't have any effect on the AI's use of tactics, or the way the engine reacts to yours. 

From what I remember the Inside forwards are more reliant on a more team playing striker now, so try switching the poacher to a different role (I've found Advanced forwards or complete forwards to work quite nicely between to Inside forwards, but any other could work too).

But the key is not to make any huge changes to the core of your tactic. Normally the small tweaks are the most effective ones.

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