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6 players we're looking forward to managing in FMM17

Here’s a list of several players we’re looking forward to playing with on FMM17, through their form in real life...


Jamie Vardy - Leicester City
Image result for jamie vardy wallpaper

Depending on who you’re managing, Jamie Vardy might be a rare occupant in your squad.

Having rejected Arsenal in the summer, the England international went onto sign a new deal with Leicester.

Vardy has become a national hero in the last year. Having been instrumental in keeping the Foxes in the Premier League, he then scored in 10 consecutive games as he soared Leicester above the competition and helped them win their first ever Premier League title.

His sheer pace and accurate eye for goal makes him a mouthwatering prospect to have leading your line. Flanked by either wingers or inside forwards, Vardy is bound to score a large portion of your team’s goal. His age is against him though, so enjoy his peak whilst it lasts.


Franck Kessie - Atalanta

Image result for franck kessie

Ivory Coast have a habit of producing some of the world’s best players, and Kessie might be the next in line. At 19, the Atalanta midfielder is still incredibly raw and far from the finished product but that’s not to deny his ability.

Temperamental issues aside, Kessie is a machine in the middle of the park. He’s able to play in front of the back four, as a box-to-box midfielder or just behind the attacking line. However, his versatility isn’t the only strong point of his play.

His energy and stamina, matched with his power makes him likely to be one of the most in-demand midfielders in your game next year. In fact, if you’re not starting as Atalanta, you might want to make your move earlier - the Ivorian has been linked with Manchester United in real life.


Bernard Berisha - Anji Makhachkala

Image result for bernard berisha

Anji’s season last term wasn’t a lot of fun. Having only just scraped relegation, the team needed a revival coming into this season to make sure they avoid last season’s scare.

However, every cloud has a silver lining and that lining was the emergence of Berisha, the Kosovo-born winger. At 25 years old, he’s not the youngest player around but that isn’t to knock his ability. His pace and dribbling makes him a tricky customer. He’s already scored three goals in 12 for Anji this season, two more than his total from last term.

Though he’s not likely to tear up the top of the Premier League, he would certainly do a job for a mid-table side. Purchase him for your Championship team, and you’re in for a treat.  


Christian Pulisic - Borussia Dortmund

Image result for pulisic

It was only January this year that Pulisic made his debut for Borussia Dortmund, but he already looks like a player who has been playing for years.

Having featured as a substitute, the young American started in the Revierderby and hardly looked phased. After 73 minutes, he was taken off.

“He's a teenager in his first year of professional football,” said Thomas Tuchel after the game.  “He has looked really good recently which has been proved today. It is completely normal that he could not have played with this pace and this intensity for over 90 minutes.”

At only 18 years old, the midfielder has only just begun a career which is bound to be filled with plenty of experience at the top level of European football. He’s already courting the interest of major Premier League clubs.

Speedy and quick, Pulisic is a defender’s nightmare. He has been chasing out onto the field with nothing to lose, and he’s been thriving with that mentality it. Versatile too - he can play on either wing.

No doubt Pulisic is a name you’ll want on your team sheet and not on the opponents.


Antoine Griezmann - Atletico Madrid

Image result for griezmann

When Diego Simeone signed Griezmann for £24m, a few people outside of Spain raised their eyebrows. Few complained though, for if Simeone was prepared to spend that much on him, he must have seen something special.

Indeed he did: in his first season in Madrid, Griezmann scored 25 goals; last season, he scored 32, taking Atletico inches within Champions League glory.

Unfortunately, Atletico won’t be wooed easily; this is 2016 remember, where Pogba is worth £89m. However, at 25, there is time to persuade the French international to join you (unless you start with Los Colchoneros).

Griezmann was known as a wide player earlier in his career, but he has been moved into a more central position but Simeone has still used him from out wide from time to time. The fact of the matter is: you could put him anywhere in your front line and he would most likely still be a success.


Andrea Belotti - Torino

Image result for andrea belotti

I say Torino, you say Joe Hart - and I don’t blame you. However, at the other end of the pitch, there is a young Italian doing wonders for Torino.

With Italy struggling for goals at the Euro’s, it’s almost unsurprising to see Bellotti chase out of the gates at the start of this season, as he aims to prove former Torino and current Italy coach, Giampiero Ventura, that he’s worthy to lead his nation’s line.

The wonderful thing about Belotti will be his price (hopefully). Hoping you don’t offend Torino with your bids too much that they set the bull out of their logo and onto you, Belotti should be yours for a fairly affordable price.

Once again, his energy and determination makes him a handful for any defender and at 22, he’s still got plenty of time to make himself a continental household name. Unfortunately, you won't ever be able to see his bizarre celebration - but we consider that a good thing. 


What player's are you looking forward to managing in FMM17? Let us know below!
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I'm looking forward to manage A.C. Milan's Manuel Locatelli


 Only 18 and he has replaced Montolivo in the first team due to injury. He has  already scored 2 goal this season and one of them was against Buffon (Juventus) being the hero of the night. 

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23 minutes ago, jaguar11 said:

Ousmane dembele,Emre mor,Rasford,Andre silva.

You don't need to quote the entire article lol, he'll get a notification anyway because you commented on his topic.

As a Norwich fan I'm excited to use Jacob Murphy due to his promising start to the season. Zach Clough is also someone I have high hopes for, as I plan to make Bolton my first save on the new game.

Edited by Fish18ish
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Kessie and Belotti are two I have been waiting to try, both have been tearing the Italien League up this season and won't be at their current teams much longer. 

Im also interested in trying Oliver Burke to see what all the hype is about. 

Nice list and good info on each player  


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From the 6 players mentioned in the OP I've only tested Pulisic in Italy with Fiorentina. Versatility makes him very desirable as he can play anywhere in midfield. Wing spots are perfect for him playing as a provider for the strikers.

We're about 2 months in now and curious to know what the others commentors in here feel about their picks and if these have lived up to their expectations.

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