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Chat FMM 17 - What if?


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There's been a lot of negativity about the boards in regards to this year's release of FMM 17. Heck, I'll be the first to admit, I've been a part of that. Today, working with some fellow Vibers, I got to thinking - "well, hold up, let's think for a second here.... I know the SI guys have said there isn't going to be a whole lot new, they're looking to improve the game bit by bit. But, what if, all that said, this year's release is everything the past 3 years were SUPPOSED to be?"

We know we almost certainly aren't going to get some major new feature - I have to reckon that they would have announced THAT by now. So, why the sudden burst of enthusiastic potential? (Not saying I'm optimistic yet, but hang in there with me) There are a lot of things that could be happening, and changes that could be made to the game, and still fall within the statements from Marc Duffy and Alari that the game isn't getting a major feature or change this year. (Or, rather, I'm pretty sure that's been said, anyway. Was it not those two, but possibly Marc Vaughan? I digress.)

What if the EME works perfectly?
They've been working on it for a while now... maybe this year's EME will run as fast as the OME, and power through those mid-game database updates (or push them until after the game?). It would be nice to see the EME get some love for challenges/careers. Further, if that match engine is really working the way it's supposed to, I think we'll see a lot more variety in tactical approaches. Granted, we don't have a lot of options to play with, but if everything worked the way it was intended to, I have to believe that we'd see some really different approaches not only in terms of tactics, but in player selection.

What if players reacted more like they do in real life?
I'm not talking about getting fantastically pissed and driving into a chip shop. Rather, the reasons for getting angry. Top flight players would -never- allow themselves to be purchased by a Top 4 only to languish on the bench and see the pitch all of thrice yearly. It would be truly nice to have my players not demand to leave because I refused to sell them to a club offering half their value. Just seeing the players react a bit more realistically would be a fantastic change, but again, not a big addition or announcement worthy.

What if the two leagues added are real crowd-pleasers?
This one has kind of been done to death, and frankly, every Viber has already said more on this subject than I about what particular leagues would tickle their fancies. But, maybe, in all the hoping and what ifs, we get what we wanted ... on aggregate, anyway. Let's say, we keep the leagues we currently have. The issue with Brazil notwithstanding, let's say we keep them regardless of license, even if that means some (Brazilian)  leagues looking like PES Manager Mobile. Granted, not everyone will be happy, but let's remember, there ARE going to be two new leagues introduced. It's been a while since that happened, and let's be honest, in terms of FMM history, that's a rather large expansion in and of itself.

What if we get a fantastic database?
In this area, we all have to admit, SI TRIES. The flagship of the franchise made the news the past couple years for real-life scouting teams using the SI database to help find or sort through potentials to actually spend time scouting. Maybe SI have found a way to get more out of the database at less demand on the device. I'm not saying every database will have everything, but heck, the potential for bigger and better is there, and hoping for it, even knowing it's a long shot, seems to me better than being disappointed in advance of the release. Maybe there's a possibility to have one complete league with all lower tiers, and the top TWO tiers of subsequently loaded leagues. Unlikely, but... better than being bitter, I suppose.

What if SI hasn't said a word because they know they're sitting on GOLD?
Okay, this one's going out on a limb, I know. However, I cannot help but think of Fallout 4. Hey.... wait... I see you going for that X in the corner, put your mouse down. Hear me out. For YEARS people speculated on the existence or beginnings or rumours of the hint of Fallout 4. Bethesda sat stone-faced. Some fans even wrote the series off until after ESO had truly caught on or died. I was one of them. And then the news broke. The game was dropping in a month. It had its gold master and was in the process of stamping discs. Yes, there have been complaints about F4, but look at the sales. Bethesda knew precisely what they had. They had NO reason to make a big deal out of it, announce, and let fan interest drive sales. Maybe SI knows they've finally got this new rendition where they want it. Also, why they can confidently say that FMM is going to be different from it's bigger brothers, but get better and better with each passing year. Maybe, just maybe, they're at the point with the game that they know this will be the case.

If this game just does what it's supposed to, and everything works right... word is going to spread. Sales are going to happen. If it gets one day on the front page of Android/iOS market pages for a sudden spike in popularity, that comment made a few days ago about mobile titles being impulse buys will prove quite prophetic - both to our delight and SI's benefit.

It might not. I might be disappointed. We might be disappointed. Or, we might find a reason to fall in love with the game again. That's how I used to feel, waiting for my import copy to arrive for my PSP. I figure with a little more than a week to go, I'm going to try to find that feeling.

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This is a great read, and i hope some of the points you mentioned come true (especially the eme) however i don't have much faith. Regardless I will buy the game. Roll on fmm2017!!!

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Any chance of a version of worst case? Might be more realistic :P 

Only teasing mate, plenty of pipe dreams but I kept on reading. 

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19 minutes ago, Ashez said:

Any chance of a version of worst case? Might be more realistic :P 

Only teasing mate, plenty of pipe dreams but I kept on reading. 

Ha! Love it.

They're pipe dreams for sure, but it's nice to think about.

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