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7 newbie tips for FMM17

If you’re new to the Football Manager Mobile series and you’re looking for some tips on how to achieve success in the ‘17 edition of the game, well, look no further, because you’re in the correct place.

You might have been a religious player of the PC version but time constraints has meant you don’t have the opportunity to spend two hours on the first day of your new game, flushing out the entire club, from first team to youth team, physios to fitness coaches.

Maybe, this is your first time playing any Football Manager and you’re completely bewildered and uncomfortable with the fact you can’t control your own players.

Regardless, whoever you are, these seven tips should help steer you in the right direction with the new game.

Image result for football manager mobile 2017

1. "Who do I manage first?"

We get it. You want to have a go at managing everyone. You want to manage your favourite team. You want to manage your local club. You want to spread your wings and manage abroad. All of that is fine. However, for your first game, don’t go too wild.

With any new Football Manager game, it’s best for your first save to be with a club you know inside out. This might not be your supported team (I understand people don’t like managing their boyhood club), but instead a favourite team of yours. They could be in any of the seven leagues available to you in England, or they could be someone in the European continent.

However, the worse thing you want to do is plunge yourself into the unknown whilst still getting to grips with the game. Take it easy; take it steady. Your first save doesn’t even have to be that long - it might only be a season; it might only be six months. Just get comfy with the game, learn about the new features and the new gameplay.


2. You can win with freebies...

Image result for CHAMAKH BORDEAUX

This section needs some context.

I’m not suggesting that if you sign all of the free agents at the start of the game for Chelsea, you’re going to take the Blues back to Premier League glory. I’m referring to bosmans.

Yes. Now, if you’ve previously been an FM player, you’ll know all about bosman. For those of you unaware, when a player has less than six months on his contract, you can approach to sign him on a free (in England, to approach another England based player, you can only approach x player if they have three months left on their contract).

The best thing to do is to look at players who have a year left on their contract. That way, you can shortlist them and keep up to date with their contract situation. If they refuse to sign a new deal or aren’t offered one by their club, you’ll be the first to know.

Of course, it is entirely possible that they will sign a new contract (sad face) but you would be surprised how many good players slip through the next.

3. And make money from them

This is more a tip for when you’re managing one of the biggest clubs on the game.

Bosmans are an excellent way of making money. Even if you sign a player with the intention of them being a back-up - in fact, you might not even imagine them getting first team football, the chances are, if they’re still young enough, you can easily flog them for cash in the first window after they’ve signed.

This extra money can be used to give yourself a better chance of getting a stadium expansion or a training facilities upgrade.


4. Tactics - keep them simple

Image result for 4-4-2 tactics


Honestly - don’t run into a game having your hair shaven off and wearing a spanky new suit. You can pretend to be Pep Guardiola as much as you like, but you’re never going to get your National League side playing possession football.

Stick to the basics. Even for the top teams when you’re scared to touch the tactics, don’t touch them. Watch your games, look at the statistics and find out where you’re going wrong. Having loads of shots and none are going in? It could be down to your striker having poor morale; or are all your shots coming from outside of the box? Stats tell one side of the story...

Sometimes, simpler is better. A 4-4-2 with an advanced playmaker and ball-winning midfielder in the middle of the park with an advanced forward and deep-lying forward up top will work wonders for you in the lower divisions. As I said though; keep it simple, and don’t try and change too many things at once.


5. Don’t expect to hit the ground running

I’m warning you before you get upset; don’t think you can pick up the game and start winning. You might do - in which I applaud thee, but if you’re struggling so far, there is no shame in that. The best winners learn from their losses.

If you’re not scoring enough goals, ask yourself: are you committing enough players forward? If you're conceding too many goals, are you pushing too many players forward?

And also, don’t feel like you’re alone. Not only do you have your assistant manager helping you, but don’t be afraid your queries in our discussion section. There are plenty of members on this forum who have played the games for years and would be happy to help you out. We want you to enjoy the game, and we understand that losing isn’t a lot of fun.


6. Signings

Image result for šime vrsaljko

We understand you might feel tempted to buy a continental name rather than someone from the Swiss second division, but your club balance might force you to go for the latter. Also, it might be the better buy.

Football Manager is known for its phenomenal database - so don’t be afraid to use your scouts extensively to find the best there is. Alternatively, use the search tool in the player search to find the perfect player you’re looking for. Would you rather have a big name in your club or someone who is the missing piece in your title-chasing side?


7. Get to know the game, and the game will know you

It’s no surprise to see that those who put more time and effort into the game are also those who get the best results. Just because it’s a mobile game or a dimmed down version of the PC game doesn’t mean you can continuously hit continue and expect your players to have gotten together and become the best there is.

Immerse yourself into the game. Take control over every aspect you can. After all, you have so many things to take care of; why not oversee them all?

On the other hand, I can see why some people don’t cater for all they are available to do so - which is perfectly fine. However, don’t forget the original point: don’t go chasing through the game like Usain Bolt doing a 100m sprint before getting to November and wondering why you’re out of a job. The less time you put into your save, the less likely you’re going to get results back.

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On 11/16/2016 at 18:22, Chelsea8 said:

This extra money can be used to give yourself a better chance of getting a stadium expansion or a training facilities upgrade.

Can you please clarify on the specifics of getting facilities upgrades?  I've not had much luck with getting the board to approve upgrades with smaller clubs.  Do I need to not use up a certain amount of my budget?  

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1 minute ago, veerus said:

Can you please clarify on the specifics of getting facilities upgrades?  I've not had much luck with getting the board to approve upgrades with smaller clubs.  Do I need to not use up a certain amount of my budget?  

I normally do it when I max out the attendance 

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On 12/13/2016 at 22:10, Dar J said:

Check in your reserves maybe you have 40 players in the first team

no is not there. but it might be i restarted and hope to get better player

SI somehow not let you do that xD

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