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Chat FMM17 OME v EME Explained/Discussed


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seeing a fellow member of the community querying what "EME" stood for (which I informed him) ,  I thought it may be a good idea to draw on the experienced players amongst you to perhaps take some time out to help the newer players (including me) explain how these two engines differ to one another in your experiences.

For example; do the same tactics work across both; do players get injured, booked, sent off more on one of them; is the computer AI more intelligent on one of them?

Probably not the most exciting of threads but I think it would really help the community.

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Basically the OME (Original Match Engine) is what FMH/M has had for years since the start of the series

And the EME (Enhanced Match Engine) is the newer Engine implemented for FMH2015 and uses real life physics and algorithms to come out with the matches you play

The OME is a text based engine using the text commentary to play out the match and has highlights that use the descriptions from the text to give you a visual highlight for each chance or detail from a match

The EME is completely different in that its based on the actual AI of each player making their own decisions and uses real life physics to make it more realistic and more logical in its approach leading to better immersive experience for managers.

The OME Is faster than the EME unless on high end devices then the difference is small.

If you want to have your game more like an FM PC experience with better match visuals then go for the EME but if you want pure speed to smash through the seasons in a couple of hours go for the OME as it still provides a fun gameplay that many still love.

Hope this helps

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I think we need to put the "high end devices" line to rest. I've been playing this series on phones that have never been so much as released in the same year as the game, and I buy cheap phones most of the time.

The EME runs at the same speed as the OME now, save for a 2-3 seconds prematch and at halftime. Running on a Note 4. Given we're nearly six iterations past that, taking into account the edge series, I wouldn't call this a high-end device. It's a 3 year old phone I bought second hand.

Maybe for 2015 that was true, but I was playing THAT on a 2011 droid X2. Perhaps some devices once lacked the power, but I would say at this point, anything better than a burner phone or 20$ Walmart tablet should run either engine just fine at and nearly the same speeds.

UK is totally on point about them running entirely differently. They're two very, very different beasts.

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