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Chat My thoughts on FMM2017 so far


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Hi guys, so after playing FMM2017 for a couple of days, I thought I would do a small review of the game as I haven't seen anything similar on the site yet (mayhaps I'm blind?!?!). I'm happy to say that the game is worth the money (at least in my currency) and though the game is not without its flaws, the new features are a welcome and needed addition.

It goes without saying that this is all just my 2 cents, so if anyone agrees or disagrees, we can have a discussion about it.

Positives (whee!)

1. Loading is faster

This may really just be me, but I swear that everything seems to load faster. I'm playing FMM2017 on my Xiaomi Redmi Note2, a phone with respectable hardware and I use it to play both FMM2016 and FMM2017 (it handles the EME just fine) and I have noticed an increase in the loading speeds, especially while changing tactics in the middle of a match. The game, at least for me, is meant to be played in short bursts, so quicker loading is definitely a plus.

2. The introduction of a player's preferred foot

This feature adds a whole new element to strategy. I'm being forced to think deeper in terms of a player's position and role. An example would be inside forwards being more effective when being played on the opposite or their preferred foot (think Alexis Sanchez playing AML while being predominantly right footed). If a player's dominant foot is his right but he can only play as AMR, I'll use him as a winger rather as an inside forward. Something like that. I've also noticed that players who can use either feet are pretty rare so far; having a player like that is a luxury. I will definitely keep an eye out for Cazorla's evogen.

3. Real backroom staff that actually do work

My ass man now gives me updates on players selected for international duty. I now have an option to send my player to physiotherapy. My scouts are not just nameless mooks anymore. I feel like I'm actually talking to real people now.

4. More player interactions

Do you feel frustrated when your player gets a red card for a two-footed tackle, costing you the game and yet you can't discipline him? Now you can! Need a good reason to praise your star player? Yup, there's 3 options now. It's a whole lot better than just simple 'positive' and 'negative'.

Negatives (gack...)

1. Difficulty of retraining to another position

For some reason, retraining seems a lot more difficult than FMM2016. Yes, retraining a striker to a defender would be a stretch, I admit, but surely a fullback can retrain to play as a wingback? I haven't gotten any of the retrainable players in FMM2016 to retrain successfully in FMM2017 yet. I don't see why Hector Bellerin just can't retrain to play as a wingback... 

2. Players not in database

I'm not entirely sure that this needs to be here, but there are quite a few players missing on the england solo database. I know, this can be rectified simply by simply loading more nations but surely big teams like Bayern Munich should have more than 14 players to rely on especially since they are playing in the champions league...

On the fence (hmm...)

1. Players are more expensive

I've only played england, so this may be limited to just my save so far but I feel that teams are wanting more for their players this time round. I can understand Donnaruma being valued at 30M as he is a first team player but Lewis Cook being valued at 35M? But then again, considering the money spent on Renato Sanches by Bayern Munich in real life, I guess I shouldn't really be too surprised here. 

And there you have it. Overall, I would say that FMM2017 is a good game with enough new features to satisfy most fans of the series. 

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What i thought was the most exciting is league coefficients. It adds much more meaning to all the existing leagues. For me personally what was great about this edition isn't really all the technical changes, but the data that the game stores on your progress in the game. Much more immersion.

Bad? I barely even care who is in the database, I usually work with little known players that frankly I wouldn't have known out of FM otherwise. Big club saves are something I do for the short term before moving on. But I'd have to say the worst part of FMM 17 so far is the game breaking bugs, be it fixture schedule problems, awards going to strange players, absurd manager sacking, away goal/penalty confusion and international jobs vanishing (making it impossible to apply, even through squad page). After the bugs are fixed, or SI denies it and we will be stuck with it, I'd say the inability to train footedness. Another would be retraining, I love the new way we can retrain players, but why can't my CDM learn to play CM but can learn to play right back and my AMC not able to retrain AML/R but can retrain to be a sweeper? Senseless and I'll never use them there anyway. I've not successfully retrained anyone in a position I might actually play them in yet.

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