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Career Darlos Heading Home


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I have never really done much with career posts so bear with me...

I very rarely play as the team I support on any incarnation of Football Manager. This year I have decided to run a save with Darlington 1883, as it my teams first playable season since 2012


Darligton History

Darlington were originally formed in 1883, they would start playing in locally organised competitions and FA Amateur Cup, they were founders of the Northern League in 1889, winning it in 1890 and 1891 and would turn professional in 1908 moved into the North Eastern up till the First World War, in the first season following the great war, Darlington finished runners-up in the North Eastern League, they would be voted into the Football League, joining Third Division North following a Championship Winning season in the North Eastern League in 1920, Darlington would be promoted in the Mid-20's finishing 15th in the 2nd Division, this remains there highest ever finish as they were relegated the season after, and ever since Darlington would remain among the basement, they would be relegated further to the Conference in 1989, but won the League and followed it with a 4th Division Championship 1 year later in 1990. Recent history has not been good to Darlington, having being put into administration in 2006, 2009 and finally 2012. The 2012 admin was disastrous for Darlington, it would ultimately see them relegated 4 divsions by the Football Association after the DFC1883 Rescue Group brought the club out of administration without agreeing a CVA, and despite DFC1883RG buying the clubs assets, history and honours, the FA would also make Darlington change there name, to which Darlington became known as Darlington 1883. 

Since 2012, Darlington have been playing out of Town in Bishop Auckland and will ultimately be moving back to Darlington in late 2016-early 2017. In 4 seasons Darlington won the Northern League in 2013, were the Evo-Stik League Div.1 North Play-Off Winners in 2015 and won the Evo-Stik Premier League in 2016.

Now Darlo are back at the level they would have been at when they got relegated in 2012, is where my story starts.


Before I start, I want to point out I am using Sugar Daddy, I know some disapprove of Sugar Daddy, but I am happy to spend money on DLC, O also purchased the Youth Academy DLC amd a son, and for the purpose of this save, I am using it to try and follow in the footsteps of Crawley, Fleetwood and Forest Green Rovers, all of whom have spent a ton of cash. Although it may not look it, but the aim of this is not about battering teams, the aim is to replicate Fleetwood/Crawleys success and take Darlington all the way to the top.

My Rules

  • As I am using sugar daddy, I am not using it to sign players from too high a level...Apart from a loan from Birmingham City, the highest level I have signed a player from is from League 1 Swindon...So I am sticking to lower league players, Bosmans and Youth till such time I am I reach the Football
  • Resist the urge to use the IGE

Season 1



  • League: Top 4
  • FA Cup: 1st Round Proper
  • FA Trophy: Quarter Final

The board expect a serious challenge for the League Title, I tell them I can deliver this and they give me plenty money to help me on my way, £9m for transfers, I ended up juggling the finances a bit to have a better wage budget, as I am in Vamarama North, there is no transfer window, so I can sign players right through the season and I use the generosity of the board to maximum effect, within the first 10 games my net spend is a little over 650k



As you can see I have made a load of signings, getting players such as Chris Kirkland, Gary McSheffrey and Gary Taylor-Fletcher.

10 games in and I have had it relatively easy with 8-2-0 record



My star players are Stephen Thompson and Mark Beck who have scored 24 between them in the first 10 games




I started using the modified Piggs Drift I saw on here...

Thanks for reading, hope it is enjoyable and I would welcome feedback of any kind on how I can improve my write ups.

I will also be looking to develop my own tactics in the near future






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1 hour ago, BatiGoal said:

Good going so far.

Painful to see Taylor in FL position. What's up with that?

Not sure mate...2 screenshots tell different story here...the first shows he is green in that position


The other on his attribute screen doesn't show the FL position at all on the little pitch in the corner


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Quick update...

Disaster strikes...In an FA Cup game I lose both Stephen Thompson and Mark Beck for 2 months


How will I cope without them, time will tell...

Ryan Taylor comes into the middle with Gary Taylor-Fletcher and Dean Shiels goes onto the Left...

Next update will be a half-season update

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Bit strange to see FL/R positions on tactics page but not on player page. Beats me why SI decided to get rid of it.

I also lost my striker for 2 months. Really brings the challenge to a halt. It takes another couple of weeks to get him back in form on top of that.

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1 hour ago, BatiGoal said:

Bit strange to see FL/R positions on tactics page but not on player page. Beats me why SI decided to get rid of it.

I also lost my striker for 2 months. Really brings the challenge to a halt. It takes another couple of weeks to get him back in form on top of that.

I was lucky my physios got Beck and Thommo within 4 weeks, Thommonwas quickly re-injured and out for a couple more weeks. Ryan Taylor fits in quite well at CF with Thommo on the Left.

January has come, I fulfilled my FA Cup objective by reaching the 3rd RoundScreenshot_2016-11-26-12-04-58.png

The media went quite easy on me, Burton are a team I want to emulate, only I want to do it better than them Fleetwood and Crawley. Screenshot_2016-11-26-10-26-54.png

Still sitting comfortable at the top of the League. It reminds me of the real life Northern League Champioship Season, Darlington smashed everyone in the League en route to the title, I am in this for the long haul.

I have added Alex Nimely, Joe Cole, Ashley Cole and a load of 16/17 year olds who I intend to loan out for a bit till I feel there ready.

I am on course for my FA Trophy Objective and topping most of the player stats


Now I have a decent lead at the top, going to experiment with tactics, want to see if I can replicate some of my success from FMH15.

Next Update will be the end of season update...Will also try and think of a way to present my career better.

Thanks for reading BatiGoal, makes my game more interesting ?






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42 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Wow mate.

Those are some killer ratings from your players.

Wondering to what heights you can lift this team of yours.

Yeah...The ratings are amazing,  I wasn't expecting even w/Sugar Daddy enabled, some coach reports for those players had them as 'should not be in 1st team contention'.

I always expected to be there or there abouts, but I am smashing everything in front of me.

My second season I will stick to my plan of signing youngsters and older players on there way out.

I think this first season has took a little enjoyment out of it for me as I am totally dominating the league.

Should be interesting once Brexit kicks in around Season 3 or 4...

I shall keep this going though, it will hopefully get interesting as my youngsters grow up, they all got good reports from my scouting team. I find scouts a bit hit and miss at times, so I will be happy if a quarter of my youngsters comr good over time

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3 minutes ago, samhardy said:

Been to a few Darlo games over the last few years and always keep a look out for their results. Good luck mate :D

@samhardy Was tough back in 2012, getting relegated to the Northern League, but 3 promotions in 4 seasons(2 of them League Winning) has been good to watch over the last few years, and now we are on the brink of returning back to the town

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