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Challenges Sir Alf Ramsey Challenge

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Sir Alf Ramsey is probably most commonly known for being the first and only (to date) manager to win the World Cup with England.

His triumphs before the national job, however, are even more impressive.

Ramsey took charge of Ipswich Town just after their relegation from the second division (Championship) at the end of the 1954-1955 season, remarkably winning the first division (Premier League) in the 1961-1962 season.


The Challenge

This challenge is to emulate that success, by taking charge of a recently-relegated Championship club, and lead them to the Premier League title 7 years later (If you can do it in less time, then great).

Then, you will take over England and lead them to World Cup glory in the following tournament.


At the start of the game, you must take charge of a club who has just been relegated from the Championship, which can be either :

- Bolton Wanderers

- MK Dons

- Charlton Athletic


Then, you must lead your side to ATLEAST a 3rd place finish in your first season (If you finish higher, then great) whilst scoring 106 goals in the 46 games (2.3 goals per game).


In your 2nd season, you must guide your team to the division title (If you already achieved promotion in your first season, forget about this bit).


Finish ATLEAST in mid-table.


In the summer transfer window, purchase an English striker aged 22 or younger (Ray Crawford), maintaining the mid-table finish from the previous season.


For the 3rd season in a row, finish mid-table or higher.


Win the Championship title, scoring 100 goals or more.

The English striker you bought in 2019 MUST be the leagues top scorer with 40 goals or more.


In your first season in the top flight, win the Premier League title, with both of your strikers (One of them being your 2019 signing) scoring 60 goals or more between them.


Keep your side in the top flight, while making it to ATLEAST the last 16 of the UEFA Champions League, and achieving 35 points or more in the league.

The England Job


Apply for the England job in the summer of 2024. It may or may not be available, depending on the performance in the 2024 European Championships.

If it isn't available, stay at your club until it is. Your achievements should be enough to make you one of the favourites.

When You Land The National Job

When you get the England job, you must name one of your centre-backs the new captain of the nation (If a centre-back is already captain, then forget about this part).

In the upcoming World Cup, you must lead England to glory, with one of your strikers scoring atleast 4 goals.

Formations You Must Use (If You Want To Make It Harder)

If you want to make it a little harder and challenging for yourself, then these are the formations you must use for club and country.

For your club, you must use any variation of the 4-2-4 formation (You can structure it yourself etc, as long as its 4-2-4)

For England, you must use a 4-1-3-2 formation (England's World Cup winning formation is below).


Thank you for reading and let me know if you attempt this challenge.

Leave any questions in the comments.

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I'd like to mention that the 3 in the 4-1-3-2 should be narrow. Wingless wonders. Unless you'll allow inside forwards played wide?

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Here are the roles :

Gordon Banks - Goalkeeper

Jack Charlton - Central Defender

Bobby Moore - Central Defender

Ray Wilson - Left Wing Back

George Cohen - Right Wing Back

Nobby Stiles - Ball Winning Midfielder

Alan Ball - Advanced Playmaker

Bobby Charlton - Trequartista

Martin Peters - Wide Midfielder

Roger Hunt - Complete Forward

Geoff Hurst - Poacher

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