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Chat Grande Torino 1948/1949 - Best Team after II World War

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Hello Guys,

I'm working for introducing in the FMM17 this team, the Grande Torino.

This database would include the best italian and football team after Second World War and before the Superga disaster.

I starting the work and i will release in the next days...

Now i show you some photo...






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I love Torino. Ever since I did a career with them rebuilding the entire team after the Superga Disaster I just fell in love with them. I did a lot of research on the team and even replicating the exact formations they played back in the day just to get that extra realistic flavor to it. It's in my Top 3 favorite careers and as crazy as it may sound sometimes I go back to re-read it to relive the journey of this wonderful team.

I'll be following this with great interest.

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