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Fiorentina Team Guide

ACF Fiorentina



Full Name: AFC Fiorentina

Nickname: Viola (purple)

Stadium: Stadio Artemio Franchi


  • Serie A Winners (2x)
  • Serie B Winners (3x)
  • Serie C2 Winners (1x)
  • Coppa Italia Winners (6x)
  • Supercoppa Italiana (1x)
  • UEFA CUP Winners' Cup (1x)


Gabriel Batistuta. 269 apps and 168 goals. The most iconic football player in Fiorentina's history. He is a hero of mine and my main motivation for doing a team guide on this wonderful Italian team.




Fiorentina are playing in the Euro Cup and that's also what the Board of Directors expect you to do: Qualify for the Euro Cup. 'Impressive' training facilities coupled with 'great' youth facilities make for good key ingredients for squad development throughout the season and beyond. There's a decent Transfer Budget to work with for 1 or 2 squad additions, which we'll discuss later. There's also a large squad of 38 players to work with so a few sales can easily boost the budget for more or better quality additions.




The Backroom Team consists of excellent Gold Badge Coaches in Sanchez (Attacking), Blokar (Fitness) and Rosalen (Goalkeeping). These are quality coaches and need no immediate replacements. The Scouts are Gold Badges as well in Corvino (Bargain Hunter) and Vergine (Youth Scout). This duo is probably safe as well for the time being. The problem lies in Physios. It's recommended to upgrade the pair as soon as possible or by hiring replacements as Michelassi (Rehabilitation) carries a Bronze Badge and Fagorzi (also Rehabilitation) a Silver Badge. The obvious choice is to replace Michelassi for a 'Prevention' Physio (since there's none at the club) with a Silver or preferrably Gold Badge.


Key Players


The best player at the club who should be at the centre of your Fiorentina attacks. The attributes speak for themselves. I've found him to work very good as either a lone striker or as a striking duo. More on that later.



If you opt for a 2-man frontline this is your guy. Very reliable partner for Rossi who performs well as a Complete Forward (CF) or a Target Man (TM).



Valero is your go to guy if you're looking for a provider for your striker(s) up front. This man is a very consistent creator. He plays well in CM spot but a little further upfield will get the best out of him, in AMC spot.



Young and extremely talented player for the wing positions. Bernardeschi is the best winger at the club and a fantastic force on the flanks for seasons to come. In a formation with Kalinic (TM) this is your best pick for the right or alternatively left wing.



Your best defender. Astori. He lacks in 'tackling' but from experience I know his age made him consistent and reliable as well as his positioning and aerial. He stands his ground and will be a good leader of your defensive line. But this line is also the one that needs strengthening. More on that at the 'Tactics' discussion.


Players For The Future


Perhaps not all are going to make your future squad but they show promising signs in green attributes and sheer talent. However, they lack the maturity and quality to strengthen the team in your first season but these players are for the future.There's a few on loan already right at the start of your career and the other young talents could be given a valuable loan spell as well or work on their development as subs throughout the season.


Players To Sell / Release

There are 6 players on loan at Fiorentina and not all of them are good enough to stay on. Having a loan player that hinders a talent's opportunities is the last thing we need. Below is a list of 3 loanees that could be released and 2 squadplayers that could be sold. This makes the squad a little tidier and easier to manage. 33 players with approx. 10 talents on loan leaves you a 23-man group which is plenty.

  • Carlos Salcedo (loanee)
  • Sebastien De Maio (loanee)
  • Carlos Sanchez (loanee)
  • Steve Beleck (squad player)
  • Andres Schetino (squad player)

Players To Buy

This Fiorentina squad is lacking Full/Wing Backs and that may cause problems if you want to play an alternative formation. There's 4 very good options that aren't too expensive and add much needed quality in those areas on the pitch.

  • Francesco Migliore (Spezia - Serie B)
  • Riccardo Gagliolo (Carpi - Serie B)
  • Eros Pisano (Verona - Serie B)
  • Fabrizio Cacciatore (Chievo - Serie A)

The first 3 are priced between 3-5M obtainable for only slightly more than that since they're playing a division lower in the Serie B, apart from Cacciatore who is priced a little higher. Buying 2 of this list will immediately strengthen your defensive line, and give you a lot more tactical options on top of that.




Your first option is a 3-1-2-2-2 (or 3-5-2). If you choose to buy no one then the lack of fullbacks in the team forces you to play a formation like this. Or similar to it. The passing ability of the defenders isn't that great so 3 LDs is your safest pick. A defensive 'triangle' in midfield in order to provide support for the defensive line and two wingers on the flanks. Rossi and Kalinic are a good duo. If this doesn't click then perhaps turn one or both IFs into wingers and make Kalinic a Target Man (TM). These tactics have worked for me so they should for you too. There's no captain selected, do pick one, but primary outlet and attacker will make little difference to the team's performances.


Alternative Tactics


If you decide to buy Full/Wing Backs either from the provided list or one of your own pick then this formation could be you're going with. Very solid, and proven, defence. Again a triangle in midfield, a attacking version with a BWM in the midst. Reason is that playing attacking mentality with pressing suits a BWM and he becomes much more effective in re-gaining possession for your team. Go back to balanced ment. if you feel vulnerable at the back, still solid. Rossi is a guarantee for goals also as a lone Advanced Forward striker. One of these formations should give you good results during your first season in your career with Fiorentina.


I hope you'll find this Fiorentina Guide useful and if it made you decide to play the team even better. Feel free to drop an opinion, a comment or suggestion. Thank you for reading!

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9 hours ago, Dar J said:

Good guide but I'd recommend playing some games with those tactics to see if they actually work and show the results


The tactics are good as I've used them and sure I can post a few results as well. But a guide is basically an introduction to the team with tips on all aspects incl. tactics, state of the squad, staff, budget, expectations etc I don't want to focus too much on tactics as it would become a guide on tactics. I'll include some results.

Also having had another look I think I'll add a couple more players to buy as well. Anything else anyone wants to see added (or removed) or highlighted to a certain extent in Team Guides pls let me know so I can improve its quality. Thanks!

Thanks Dar J.

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3 hours ago, SladePT said:

Can I copy your guide template to make one of FC Porto myself?

Please do! Looking forward to reading your guide(s).

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