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Tactics Help Tweak A 3223 Tactic [eme]

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I'm hoping you guys can help tweak a tactic I'm toying with. I'm Man City and have a pretty decent squad, plus with good transfer budgets I thought it was a good opportunity to experiment. The aim is to be defensively solid, but with some free-flowing beautiful football.



Tactical aims:

  • IFs tuck in when attacking, drop wider when defending.
  • WBs provide the width in attack, then make a back 5 when defending.
  • BPD moves into the DM position when in possession to create a more traditional 1-2 midfield.
  • DLF drops deeper to create space for IF runs.

I've used Counter Attacking with an Attacking mentality as I want to try and replicate the style that Chelsea seem to be using under Conte. I want transitions to be quick and forward looking, but wanted to keep possession which is why I used Short passing rather than Direct.

So far the results have been... well, not bad, but not quite what I was hoping for. Defensively it's been very solid and we are creating lots of chances each match, but the goals scored has been low; my strikers have been especially poor.

Does anyone have any suggestions to tweak it further? Or is there some basic error that I've missed when setting it up? 

Let me know :)


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Pull the IFs into midfield.

Turn the CM into a BBM OR turn the DLP into a BWM.

Take the Mentality down to Balanced or else your WB will always attack and you will most likely get caught at the back.

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I agree you need either a BBM or BWM in your midfield so you have one physical midfielder and then a CM/DLP/AP as the more passive player (personally I'd go with a BBM as a BWM tends to run all over the shop chasing down the ball, where a BBM will help at both ends of the pitch)

Balanced mentality is always a good place to start as your team covers all the bases that way, you could always switch to Attacking mentality if your pushing for the win or need to come from behind

And maybe an AF or PCR upfront as the main striker being a DLF means he's deeper than your avg striker 

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I'd make the CM into a BBM. Change one of the IFs to AP and change the DLF to a real striker position based on player (P/AF/TM). 

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I just wanted to revisit this thread to say thanks for the help in tweaking the formation.

As suggested, I changed the second CM to a BBM and changed the striker to an AF. I kept the mentality at Attacking for the most part as it kept teams on the back foot and only dropped it against the better teams.

The changes had a great effect. In my first full season in charge: I won the League, the EFL Cup and the Champions League. I was 15 minutes away from doing the Quadruple too. In the season just started I've now also won the Community Shield and the European Super Cup.

All this for a pretty modest outlay (by Man City's standards): £70 million combined for Kenny Tete, Lewis Cook, Charlie Taylor and a couple of regens.

Im going to have to try it with a weaker team to see if it's the players or the system that makes it effective.

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