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Career 1k challenge - Ben Woodburn


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Hello. This is my first attempt 1k goals to make it interesting - 1,000 goals spread out in four countries on four teams, sounds interesting?

Loaded league - Polish, Spanish, English and Italian.
Of course, I am playing without enabled options, without S&L


As a player who will be with me to travel around Europe chose sixteen hope of English football and Liverpool FC, which plays with number 58 on his back.
The young Englishman debuted in adult football in the framework of the FA Cup on January 8 with Plymouth Argyle. Earlier changed Wijnaldum at the end of a meeting with Sunderland and Leeds United broke the record: najlodszy goalscorer for Liverpool (previously it was the same Owen)




We begin a career in the Spanish club Celta Vigo. Why? Twice in my life I was at the Estadio Balaidos and liked this club. I hate Real Madrid and Barcelona, by the hype on them.
Celta in its history only once qualified for the Champions League for 46 seasons spent in the Primera Division.
The club returned to the top division in Spain in the 2012/2013 season after five seasons at the back.




Even today, will post about players, tactics, trasferach, and can and as much as half of the season, you hear!


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You've definitely given yourself enough time to complete it picking a 16yo. Now let's hope he develops into a class player with proper training and playing time. Goodluck!

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@BatiGoal - So I have a little more time, but do not forget that Woodburn probably starting CA is at 85. I could choose such a Jesus who has over 120 CA when you start the game, and is only 3 years older.

@samhardy - no club in Poland can not afford the start of the game on the expense of 15 million euros. I would have to sell 4/5 players valuable ... so I decided on the Spanish league. I think that the Polish club we will arrive at the end of the game.

@Hashan Perera - wanted a little variety to the game. 4 clubs, 4 other leagues. 250 goals for the club, is this possible? In my opinion, yes

I thank everyone for their entries to a career

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We play attacking football with joyful mind, that will give us the appropriate effects both in lidzze and in European competition.
Only with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid I am changing to a more defensive.


I decided on small movements in the transfer market. I sold only one player to contract out Coric next Woodburn.
I gave the vials to see who is suitable to play in Vigo. For sure I will be more active in the winter transfer window.


we came to a fairly easy group where only seriously AS Monaco could threaten us in taking the first place. Do not expect lost to Hajduk Split 1: 0 after a complete domination. Twice games we win vs PAS Gianina and  vs Monaco we raised 4pts.
Group won goal difference against Monaco, and the for us with the loss of four points was placed Hajduk.


Here surprise - I thought it will go blocky and le surprise very well. losing to Real Madrid draws with Barcelona and Madrid Atetico are not bad results. In addition, the remaining 15 games - 11 wins, a draw and 3 failures give us far place 4 in the table for the above-mentioned three teams.




As it is only 16 year-old boy gave him a score gigs in small endings of meetings with the exception of 3 games where reported in the first "eleven".
Hajduk within the entertainment LE scored his first ever hat-trick
As for the statistics it is not bad especially that actually has less than one minute Guidetti who has scored just 3 goals ...

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I managed him at Liverpool for 4 seasons with half an eye on how many goals he'd score in a full career. His stats literally didn't improve, his training regime was down to Attacking and Fitness - Medium, Tactics and Motivation Low and the rest none and he was still unhappy with his training regime. I think his pace hit about 17 and that was his best stat by a long way. Shooting i think even went down.


Good Luck!

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