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We want to celebrate the release of the latest Football Manager Mobile 2017 8.2 update so we thought of no better way than a giveaway! So we're giving away 2 x £25 Google Play or App Store Gift Cards.


It's simple to enter. Have a Premium Account on the 26th March!

If you are a gold member you get 5x the chance to win.
If you are silver member, you get 3x the chance to win.
If you are a bronze member, you get 1x chance to win


So not only do you get all the latest faces and logos with direct downloads, you get exclusive previews to the latest content and now a chance to win £25!


Buy here to enter


  • 1 entry per person
  • 1 person cannot win twice
  • Premium accounts that expire before the 26th March aren't entered, make sure your premium is active on this date
  • Google Play or App Store for the UK only!
  • You must be contactable by private message on the 26th March or afterwards

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