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Help False 9


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I really want to try out a 4-2-1-3 formation with either the centre striker as a DLF or as an Advanced Playmaker (CAM), however I cannot find a suitable false 9 player. I am looking for someone who has decent long passing and vision, as well as a solid long range strike and dribbling. Basically a cross between Messi and Scholes. Funds isn't really a problem as I'm just looking out try it out.


any suggestions?

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Try Matus Bero from Trabzonspor. He's a bit of an obscure one, but an absolute monster if you can keep him fit. Plays as an IF in the AM position and scores buckets of goals, as well as having very well rounded stats, but can be pricey if you don't snap him up fast. I paid £28M after 2 seasons.

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Hi mate, 

You could try this lad, quite cheap and very good stats, not got a lot of goals or assists with him but I'm not using him as well as I could because of my current challenge.


Hope this helped!


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Thank you all for these recommendations. I have seen Dybala, and Calhanoglu recommended a few times, however I will be sure to try all of these guys out. I also tried out Carlos Bacca from Milan in this role and it seemed to work really well.

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