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Career Cockers Takes On The Latin Europe Challenge **failed**

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Hi All. Not done any type of career before but thought I would see how I match with some of you more experienced at this, I have been a FFM fan for years, but never really bothered looking at challenges, only posting the odd comment and attempts at new tactics...

Anyway, here I am in the big bad world of the Latin Europe Challenge set by @BatiGoal

For those who have seen me posting on the actual challenge thread I have already attempted this, BUT!!!! To my stupidity I never read everything within the rules about posting a Career to prove my worthy ?


Anyway, on to the real and proper challenge with a career being posted as in the rules, my bad!

Stage 1 Italy


Player for this first stage:


I went with Andrea Belotti

His stats showed than not only was he a good athlete, he was strong and had good presence within the air, so to me an excellent choice for what I need, he should easily score the 39+ goals required, that's without knowing about the possibility of injuries, bans or lack of scoring.

For this i'm using EME

So apologies but I'm not a massive writer, to much for me can get a little tiresome, so I will post as I get on, and thanks for reading.



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Great to see you decided to share your journey with us. I think you picked a great team and a great player. Bring on stage 1!!!

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Update... end of stage 1, day off work and instead of doing the house work, I smashed through my first Season to see if Belotti had it, and well...


What a striker, it's a shame I can't use him again as he is going to just get better and better, so how did he do in his first season and did he make the grade to get me onto Stage 2...


Not only did he score what I needed, he surpassed all my expectations, wow

France here I come, I'll post who that lucky club is as soon as the right offer appears... to be continued...

Stage 2

Not what I wanted but got the Montpellier job, they are already 10 games in and in the relegation position, plus they have no money so I'm going to try and see what I can do with the striker they already have...


So onto the player I have to choose currently...

Steve Mounie


I think this season is not happening!!



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Season 1 of my France attempt, finished mid table from relegation position, didn't expect much more to be truthful, Striker scored 20 goals and team won French cup, season 2 here we come. I'll be on the lookout for the next 50+ man.



Only a little money I have bought (taking a massive risk) a aged but seasonal player in:

Roman Bezjak 


I can only but try, probably another season of gaining experience to bring in better players.

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You may try the same player in the same stage. So you could go for Mounie again. Bezjak looks capable too tho with a good team around him. Goodluck!

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Transfer ins & out for this season...


So I sold my main asset in Mounie to give me money for a few extra support guys as the team is not really that good, so some freebies and my new striker and let's see how the season progresses... to be continued....

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Cracking job in Italy dude, strange one with Montpellier as in my save they won the League the first season I was in France and finished 3rd I think the second season.  

Keep plugging away you'll find someone to crack it with I'm sure of it

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Well it's  official I'm struggling to get past stage 2!! I have got Montpellier playing ok (note ok and not brilliant), but getting a striker to score the needed amount is way off the mark, I tried my latest purchase, he looks promising but isn't anywhere near currently...

Jai quitongo


So he has talent definitely, and with the right training I can get him up to speed to score the goals I need, but... the team don't seem to play well with whatever formation I use, I will not give up, it will just make the challenge even more challenging. 


can I double is goal tally in the next season, only time will tell, he picked up second place in Player Of The Year.


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Yes thanks @Taff, it's more frustrating when you dominate every game but don't score, I'm currently top but the goals from my striker is not happening!!!


So another season ends and I wonder what is going wrong, the team is playing exceptional, even winning the league, and gaining the least losses in the season, but...



Do I stick with the same boy, he's young, talented and has all the right stats to go on and be someone special, as he's only 23 I could give him a few more seasons and see if he matures into the goal scorer I need, the players around him are better also since I took over, turning a mediocre team into a championship team, Now I need to turn them into the unbeatable, high scoring team, with one unbelievable striker to lead the line, but do I look for someone different, or stick with Quitongo? His stats over the season improved dramatically....


Happy for anybody's opinion please...


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Hang in there. I would probably stick with the same guy as he's matured one season and tweak a few things. Unless you've got your eye on a better guy.

Anyway goodluck!

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Thanks @BatiGoal it's both frustrating and annoying when you have a good team, but the main man isn't doing it for me.

@Taff I've been using 4-3-2-1 with the striker as a poacher which has been working for me, but this team just don't want to play, I've tinkered so many times, I can get the whole team scoring, but the main man just gets 20+, nowhere near what I need, it's just this Stage, I can't seem to get out of it...


So this is my dilemma, I have Quitongo who looked promising, but his return has been terrible:



As you can see his stats are good, and he should make the mark with the right players, but as you can see he doesn't, so,then I purchased this guy...


Jean Ngolok as a back up as again for a poacher he looked the fully monty, so I played him last part of the season as I was failing miserable, and well...


His return was better for the last 24 games then Quitongo, plus I don't have the finance and wage structure to buy big, so I'm constantly searching for that Big player with little budget, and to finish it off my club still insist on my best striker being Wellington Gillhaus who is actually a wide attacking midfielder, who can score goals but not to the extent I need.


This is hard nut to crack, but that is part of the challenge which I accept, so unless PSG come along I'll just have to keep battling, maybe re-work my whole structure, tactics and roles, otherwise this is one long story to report... to be continued

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So another season has gone, won the French league and French cup, but still couldn't reach the golden goal number, so here we go again.


Bonus on manager of the year and winning the league for later in the game I hope.



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Try changing your attacker to an AF and set him as your primary striker, make sure you have two passing players (DLP, CM, AP) and one physical (BBM,BWM) in your midfield and your wide players should have at least one if not two Wingers rather than IF's as IF's tend to shoot from distance

try this 




W             W


Attacking, Short, Mixed, Mixed, Committed 

Pressing and Counter Attack

Let me know if this helps at all

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37 of 43 is a big improvement already. Keep tweaking, it's a slow process but it's the only way to get a good formation for your striker. Some good suggestions up here from @Taff as well. Try attack. or balanced , pressing on / off it depends on the quality of your players. Keep on testing until it clicks.

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The biggest thing I changed after reading (and re-reading) careers on here and spending the first few seasons testing and tweaking tactics was, as Taff suggested above, having two out-and-out wingers. Those with good crossing, passing and creativity stats (to go even further add teamwork and decisions) and low shooting work wonders, as they are more likely to set up your main man than go for goal themselves. Good luck!

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Thanks @Taff I have read your suggestions and as @Jack.Holt mentioned above I read loads of other experiences to try and make a good tactic, which I think I have now, it took me having a really bad season than others to do so as I tweaked the Tactics until I was content, most of Ngolok goals came from the deciding Tactic I now use, so again thanks

@BatiGoal your right in saying its an improvement, and considering he was a Freebie I was taking a big risk, but as the next season has gone by, he is currently on 50 goals in 33 games with 13 games (not including other Cup rounds if i get thorough) so this should be the deciding season that gets me to Stage 3, at last.

Thanks for all your support, I look forward to posting my Career so far with my guy surpassing all expectations required to get past Stage 2, whoooppee

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So for those who are following my path to success, I am currently on my 8th season with Montpellier doing very well in regards to winning the league, and Cups, missing out out European success, but it's about scoring goals to move past each Stage.

This guy has all the qualities required, not only can he score goals he can create to which only brings on the rest of the team lifting much needed morale making the team a better force in the league.

I have tweaked my tactics for this season, listened to some really good advice from others, and basically stuck by my beliefs, many times thinking to simply give up and move over for the better guys/gals out there.

But NO you say keep going, well that's exactly what I've done and I've stuck with: 

Jean Ngolok


As you can see he is a Cameroon international, who to be truthful hasn't really excelled in his career, but I saw his stats whilst looking for the ever present Poacher/attacker I required to crack this Stage 2 fiasco I have created on myself.


One of his best games so far, then he goes on to win World Player of the Year, did I tell you I got him for FREE!!!!


Anyway, yes I've been with this club sometime, and I've nearly reached the golden goal tally, but have I quit, no I'm still here wanting, no determined to get my name in lights on @BatiGoal leader board, and the pride to say I reached it.

If anybody who does read this and all others taking on these type of challenges, I will say this, don't look any further for future strikers, the ones that pop up in these posts are not only proven, they are a must in any bodies teams. 

Looking forward to posting my next results, I am certain it's Stage 3 next for me as long as he doesn't get injured.


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Latest update oooohhhhhh yyyyeeesssssss


so my 8th season with Montpellier became my decider in passing the golden 50 mark, and boy did my guy do it, he did it with style.

The man - Jean Ngolok


Just to remind you, I got him 3 seasons ago, his pace 20, shooting 18 and aerial 14 gave him the ability to score both with his feet and head, scoring from many corners and set pieces. So how did do, he needed 50+ on this stage, and how did he do...

His Tally


Yes if your reading this correctly, a striker that cost me ZERO 3 seasons later scores 66 goals in 49 games.

So my career with Montpellier should be coming to an end soon, I've turned many lucrative jobs down already on my quest to reach the dizzy heights of Stage 3, just got my fingers crossed someone in Portugal (Benfica/Porto or even Sporting) might come along for a World Class Manager, and guess what I know where there is one, oh yes come on Portugal.

Ended the Season also with a League Champion Win and again League Manager of the Year.


And he received another Player of the year.


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Well done mate, all the struggling has payed off and now with a good tactic, stage 3 could be slightly easier! Good luck and I'll be following this!

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Stage 3

It's official, I'm now in Stage 3... 

The club - Sporting


They are currently 14 games into the league so a big ask to find a striker who fits the challenge and the team, never mind score over 50 goals, but eh that's why it's called a CHALLENGE.


Anyway before starting my search, I amended the back room staff...


As you can see, there's no room for sentiment here, all three Silver coaches failed there Gold upgrade, so gone, Pedro Brandao had to go on a Bronze badge, I need quality players to make this team a force to be had, so now



Top backroom staff who can make this a World beating club...

I would like to just add my great thanks to Jean Ngolok for being patient with me and with the right training and players around him got me through Stage 2 with a massive overhaul of goals, even when I had one foot out of the door he still couldn't stop scoring at a rapid rate... thanks


Please keep reading, my next striker will be picked with great care, watch this space, to be continued....


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You rocked stage 2. You're getting closer and closer to that 80-goal mark.

Sporting are great. Hope you find a good striker for them.

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Fantastic going mate and well done for sticking with it, his goal return turned into something every manager would love to see

Good luck in stage 3

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