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Fun/Games Agent Game - No more places!

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Hi guys

Welcome to this thread where I will conduct some experiments!

After recently buying the IGE, I have decided to do this just as a bit of fun, as I often do them by myself anyway

My first one is more of a community game, and a game inspired by @Kun Agueros Agent Game!


At the start of the game, you must pick three players. These players must be under 26

Also, you begin with your players wages added together, then halved.

The way you, as an agent earn money, is when the player moves clubs, you will get 50% of the fee added to your BANK, aswell as 50% of his new wage.

Any bonuses from the players contract will be halved and added to your BANK

You can release a player, at the expense of his transfer fee plus his weekly wage x2

Whwn you have enough money in your BANK, you can use it to buy better players and replace your old ones.


Please let me know if this is clear and please feel free to sign up!

Credit again to @Kun Aguero

Sign up Form

Agent Name

Three Players


Good luck!

Leaderboard ( Based on money in BANK)

1.  @Taff £25.192 Million

2.   @KennyMiller27 £24.85 Million

3.    @Kun Aguero 13.046 Million

4.  @Eogtuc0910 £1.904 Million

5.    @Jack £1.23 Million

6.  @salohcin £162,000 

7. @Seth Anacondas £136,000

8. @Davdio £40,775. 

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Just now, mcandrew003 said:

Agent 2 @KennyMiller27


You will begin the game with £130,000 ( All wages added together, then halved)

A bigger budget than our first contestor, but it can all change!

Good luck!

I just hope Lukaku doesn't ever pull a Bosman lmao

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Come on then dude, let's chuck me in

Agents Name: Hellfor Leather


Marcus Rashford (Man U)

Goncalo Gudes (SLB)

Aymeric Laporte (A. Bilbao)

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1 minute ago, mcandrew003 said:

Lukaku is a good choice, but if he does pull a Bosman I'm sure he'll be on some hefty wages! @KennyMiller27

I'm losing out on a big fee mate!LOL gotta have that Joorabchian/Raiola/Mendes mentality

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I'm cool with it, my Italians might be on relatively modest wages but there will be more than a few big teams willing to give them a healthy wage rise!

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