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[Tips] Loan out young players

I heard there is a bug about loan out players in FMM2017v8.2.

Exactly, I do not know detail about it. Because my way to loan out young players still work well for me.

Here, I share what I do. I hope this can help you before the bug been fixed.

Step 1

Go to "Manager Option" page, and In option "Reserve Team Settings", to select "All aged 24 or under" for "Assistant Manager loans out".


"24" is my suggestion, you can select the age you want.


Step 2

Demote young players you want to loan out to reserve team.


Step 3

Waiting the messeage for loan out confirmation. And confirm.


See my result of loan out.



1. If your club have B team, I have not tested.

2. By this way, some players maybe can not be loan out in this window, please waiting for next window.

3. I also meet some players loan out failure. You confirmed loan him out, but he is still in your team, and next request message from other  clubs will come again, you confirm, then again.......


I hope above tips can be helpful.

Screen shots uploaded!

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I have to admit I've heard about this loan bug but I haven't suffered once from it, I've had one or two players getting no offers but generally they're not great so I just put it down to them not being good enough to attract attention

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Nice tip mate! It worked for some of my players but not all of them. Some still have clubs showing as interested but nothing popping up! Ah well

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39 minutes ago, Sousa_XI said:

Here we go 

I have singed more than young players and most of them on loan by now 





Thanks again 

Happy this is useful for you.

Anyway I hope SI to fix the loan issue soon.

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For anyone who wants to know - and also @Dec might be worth mentioning to your buddys at SI... But halfway through my season - all of a sudden i had every single loan offer come through. Like the glitch had corrected itself for some reason!! Just keep going guys and hopefully the same will happen for you

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