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Career My Journey


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This is my very first career post .In past , I've rarely done any career or challenge but this time i intended to complete my career .

I think the only thing that can keep me motivated while doing this career is me constantly posting my career & encouraging comments of fellow Vibe members. So i hope my you find my career interesting. 

The main theme of this career is to initially start my save in Portugal and then in later stage move to other leagues .

Team of my choice is SL BENFICA .



My Objectives are - 

•Win Champions Leauge 

•Bring youth players through academy & maimtain Portuguese core

•Bring young players and develop them.


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Just now, mcandrew003 said:

Good luck mate, I look forward to this!

Any advice related to Objective section apart from above-mentioned.

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Maybe set a time limit (e.g 5 seasons) and then you have to move

Or a player challenge ( make your Striker score over 35 every season)

Just little things like that which keep the game interesting!

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11 minutes ago, mcandrew003 said:

Maybe set a time limit (e.g 5 seasons) and then you have to move

Or a player challenge ( make your Striker score over 35 every season)

Just little things like that which keep the game interesting!

Yeah i've set a time limit but making a player score 35 goals to me is bit tough as i don't really have any particular formation in my mind. I just keep tweaking simple 4-2-3-1 formation. 

Any tip for OME tactics.


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3 minutes ago, Brenty92 said:

Look forward to this mate!

Real feeling happy that people's are interested. I'Il be possible my first season half update (Upto Dec.)

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Pre-Season & Friendlies

During pre-season the first thing i did was to put players on fitness regime to enhance their stamina & sharpness. And then friendly matches started , although Opponent's were weak but still  we struggled to win.

We secured only one win out of four friendlies & all matches were away from home.



Transfer Budget 

For this season we were provided with €11 m. So this is decent amount to spend which mean we needed to sell some of our good players.

Summer Transfer Window

The team to me is quite good and we didn't needed to do bring many players . One section in which team was lacking depth was defense , despite of me being desperate to buy one center back i couldn't buy one as i failed to recognise my target . 

We also needed one Central Midfielder to strengthen my midfield & my target while keeping my objective in my mind was Brazilian DM (Thiago Maia).

Despite of having many quality young wingers in ' B ' Team  i bought Hirvig Lozano for outgoing Eduardo Salvio.

Transfer Out -



Transfer In - 



My Key Players - 

1.Raul Jimenez (ST)

2.Jonas (No. 10)

3.Pizzi (W/IF)

4.Thiiago Maia (DM)

5.Ederson (GK)

6.Adreas Samaris (DM)

7.Rafa (W/IF)

8.Nelson Semedo (RB)


My Future Prospects -

1.Alex Grimaldo

2.Hirvig Lozano

3. Guedes

4.Andrija Zivkovic 

5. Luka Jovic


Season Kick-Off

So our season began with a Supertaca match against Braga followed by away match against Porto . We won both game with same score line but it was unconvincing and i was unable to find any stable formation for my team.

Beginning with two wins that too against rival club our team started gaining confidence and momentum. Next two home game against Nacional & Arouca we won by 3-1 . 

As season progressed we kept winning games but at times despite of winning we're not performing convincing way. 

Our Portuguese cup (Taca de Portugal) run was ended by Braga .





Champion Leauge -- 

our CL group was not easy not hard . We were drawn alongside Borussia Dortmund , Olympic Lyon & Olympiakos. In CL too we struggled to win game , we lost our first game that too at home against Dortmund.somtimes during the first half i felt that we are not gonnaa qualify for knockout round but my team proved me wrong , it was close though. 

we finished 2nd despite of having better goal difference ,this is how our Leauge games progressed .



At the end of first half of season we were right at top 13 points clear to 2nd placed porto.



My Players Stats -





Manager profile



This is how our first half ended . I hope you enjoyed reading this . Will post next half of first season later .

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42 minutes ago, Niall C said:

Good luck on your career. Hope you enjoy playing it as well as posting about it.

Thanks for ur encouraging comments. These things will keep me motivated. 

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32 minutes ago, Eogtuc0910 said:

Good luck those look like achievable goals

Yeah it's achievable but once i feel i'll add few more extra objectives like scoring certain amount of goals per season .

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12 minutes ago, mcandrew003 said:

Excellent start mate, 100% win record in the league! What tactic are you using, is it the one I sent you or a different one?

Thanks mate

I was just using 4-2-3-1  both variants & some random tactics like 4-4-2 diamond , 3-4-3 & 4-3-3 all based upon my assistant's pre-match report . I haven't tried your tactics mate, i just completed it before asking you for Tactic. I hope i can find one stable tactics.

Its just matter of time before i taste my first Leauge defeat or 2nd second half may be complete opposite who knows.

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16 minutes ago, mcandrew003 said:

Stay positive mate, who knows, you might go the whole season unbeaten!

That would be great  if i manage to pull it off .

Staying positive.

Will start next half of 1st season now.

added 0 minutes later
2 minutes ago, Brenty92 said:

Fantastic for half season mate! KIU

Thanks mate :)

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1 hour ago, Ashez said:

Impressive start that :) 

Can you remove the caps locked title please, thanks. 

Okay  any specific reason?

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Hi @Nick11, how about something like bringing a youth into your side each season and try and make him a star, then sell him after each season, any position, just has to be played as much as possible, except for injuries, bans or below say 90%  fitness?

Otherwise, simply enjoy and have a good time achieving your goals, good luck mate, keeping tabs on your success...

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7 hours ago, Nick11 said:

Okay  any specific reason?

It just doesn't look very good on the forum. Caps lock is seen as shouting/attention seeking on the Internet etc. 

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Benfica are a great team. Agree with your list of key players and furure prospects, altho perhaps a shout out for Andre Horta is in place. In my Benfica career (12 seasons in) he's a beast in CM/AMC. 


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7 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Benfica are a great team. Agree with your list of key players and furure prospects, altho perhaps a shout out for Andre Horta is in place. In my Benfica career (12 seasons in) he's a beast in CM/AMC. 


Agree with you mate . So far i've used him sparingly but from second season I'm looking forward to use him alongside Talisca .

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Season One - Part 2

Winter Transfers - 

1.Jorge Meré (IN) 

2.L. Fejsa (Out) -->Sporting Lisbon


So after winter break we began our  campaign in similar fashion , a 4-0 victory against Uniao da mad... followed by victory against setubal , Maritimo , Braga , Porto .

After that we progressed to Portuguese leauge cup final by securing 3-1 win against penàfiel . Later the next match was final against our arch rival Lisbon &  somehow we managed to win by 1 goal . (Thanks to god that i survived 4-4-2 (attack) formation)


Champion Leauge -

Konckout round of 16 :

We were drawn against might Atletico madrid . The first match was at home which ended in 0-0 draw. But in away leg we started the game very badly by conceding 2 goals in first half & somehow by changing formation we managed to draw the game thanks to Lozano & Jimenez . Thus we progressed to Quarter-Final due to 2 away goals.


Quater Final -

In quater final we were up against Lisbon . In away leg we managed to draw the game but in home leg we squandered our 2 goal lead & game ended in 2-2 draw & our dream of securing CL was over. 




•Securing Leauge Title - Just after 26 games by defeating Beleneses (2-0) we secured our leauge title . 





So after securing Leauge title & being knocked out of CL we completed the rest match quickly without any problems. During this time i provided chanches to less used & fringe players chances just to analyse whether to keep them or sell them .


•Home Games


•Away Games




•Player Of Match


•Top Assists



•Young Player Of The Year 


•Player Of The Year 


•Manager Of The Year


I'm really disappointed to not get it ?

•Champions Leauge Final - that moment when you realize that rival beat you in knockout round & them beat Barcelona to win UCL ?



•Team Stats





#Club's Player Of The Year 

Now its your turn my fellow members to decide who should win this award . These are shortlisted players 














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