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Challenges The Stevie G Liverpool Challenge


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This is my first challenge so go easy on me haha! Being a born Liverpool fan i felt this was a challenge that i could actually stick with, and with the great mans retirement and the fact i haven't seen another challenge for him i felt this was the perfect time to start one.


The Challenge

We all know the name, weather you love him, hate him or just love the laugh of him slipping I'm sure we can all agree he has been one of the best players of his generation. The challenge is to replicate/better this mans career:

1. Load up England and any other countries that you wish.

2. Start a save with Liverpool and sign a midfielder from your youth academy ( this must be from your youth academy and not from the transfer list/other academy ).

3. You have a maximum of 17 seasons to reach the following goals:


2x FA cup

3x League cup/Carling cup

1x Community Shield

2x European Trophies ( at least 1 Champions League )

1x UEFA Super Cup  


120 League Goals

15 FA Cup Goals

9 League Cup Goals

41 European Goals

21 International Goals ( this is optional )

4. If you wish to make it even better than win the elusive premier league and come in the top 2 players of the year award at least once.

5. All usual challenge rules apply, player must play in midfield never a striker ( can play AMC ), own formations, no reloading, no unlockables etc.

Good luck and please leave any feedback, advice or questions as im sure there will be a few mistakes in this as its my first challenge.



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5 minutes ago, Jack said:

Wow I don't even have to win the league! :laugh:

Best of luck with the challenge.

Yes its actually a funny slipping challenge ?

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Could you use someone who's come from the academy like Trent Arnold or re-sign say Rossiter? 

Just thinking of those who don't like regens/new gens etc

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When I first saw the name of the challenge, I thought about emre can as he was pretty much Stevie G's replacement, until the youth academy point lol, great idea mate certainly worth a punt

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