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Career Slade takes on Latin Europe Challenge - Part II


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Previously, I tried this challenge and in the same time I started a new "public" career. I've been training Porto in another save for 11 years now with some major titles (which I wouldn't mind sending the save if someone told me how to - I'm on iPhone)

I think it's time to give this another shot and break some records. I'll be taking a different approach on this one, trying to change a few mistakes I've committed and hopefully reach the end.


Stage One:

Team Chosen: Napoli


"Why Napoli?" you might ask... Although Juventus has been a top team, and since I'm a classic Football Manager player (not the handheld), I play a lot of Football Manager 2012 still. Florentina and Napoli are one of my favorite teams in Italy as well. I've started to enjoy Napoli more because in 2012, there was Cavani and Hamsik (and remember, if you're sick, go to the doctor)



Player Chosen: Lorenzo Insigne

The reason I chose him is pretty simple. He's 25, and his attributes are astonishing. I could take Milik, but I might choose him in another team since he's young. Since I play with a Poacher, he goes great in that position. With such a low budget, I had no chance in buying a top scorer so let's see what the future holds



Wish me luck. Again!

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