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Challenges 10 fingers, 10 rings

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I know, they don't give out championship rings in football. No matter!


This challenge is schematically simple: in a single career, win each of 10 possible competitions:



1 - League Title

2 - Major domestic cup (i.e., FA Cup, Copa del Rey, etc)

3 - Secondary cup (League Cup, for example--of course, not all leagues have a secondary cup)

4 - Winners face off cup (Community Shield, for example)

International club cups:

5 - Europa League

6 - Champions League*

7 - European Super Cup

8 - Club World Cup

International cups

9 - The World Cup

10 - The Euros*

* - Or the Australian equivalents--Asian Champions League and the Asian Cup.

Thats it!  I'm not really keeping score, but you can consider "fewest years to complete" as the first "tie-breaker" and "most different clubs/national teams" as the second "tie-breaker."  For example, some who completed the challenge in 5 years is above someone who did it in 6. If two people do it in five years, then the one who got the most different clubs/national teams to get a trophy (count each club/national team only once). 


edit to add:  as noted below, Australia has a post-season knock-out tournament.  I believe Poland has one as well.  That could be the 11th ring if you really wanted to win one of everything. :)



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Nice idea mate. Just to let you know Australia doesn't have a winners face off Cup or second tier continental competition. Australia has the following competitions: Hyundai A-League, Hyundai A-League Finals series, Asian Champion League, FFA Cup and the Asian Cup for the national team.

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