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Niall C

Top Transfer Budgets in FMM17 8.2

When Starting a new career one of the big things that we all take into consideration is the transfer budget. Whether it's wielding the massive war chests of the giants of the game, or trying to work with the crumbs some sides have to deal with. Whatever your goal in your career is, the transfer budget is a big part. The following is the starting budgets for all the teams in the top 5 leagues of Europe and a select few other clubs who maybe of interest to some.


Premier League





La Liga


Serie A


Ligue 1


Best of the rest



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Great information!

The wage budget in your list is available wage (wage budget - current wate total) ?

I think availabe wage will be better.

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Board objectives dont appear for a few days in France, don't know why, but PSG deffo end up with more than 18 mil. Helpful little tables though ?




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14 minutes ago, Meestercat said:

Not wanting to be 'that guy' but Lille is missing from the Ligue 1 table.

Oh, I thought you meant to say he misspelled AC Milan.

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