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The Turkish Super League - And All Its Secrets

Hey guys and welcome to my first attempt at an article. Today, I will be bringing you a run down on the Turkish Super League, so you guys get a better understanding of it and hopefully play there one day. So without further ado, let's begin.


League Format

So, the TSL, or the Süper Lig as it is known in Turkey,  is home to 18 different teams per season. From these 18 places, there are 3 relegation places, where teams will be relegated to the Turkish 1. League.



However, at the other end of the table, there are several different European spots as you can see. Let me explain the meaning of each of these to you know.

1st place: Qualifies for European Champions Cup group stages

2nd place: Qualifies for European Champions Cup third qualifying phase

3rd place: Qualifies for Europa League group stage

4th place: Qualifies for Europa League third qualifying phase.

Also, finishing in 5th place earns you the right to qualify for the Europa League second qualifying phase, depending on the winner of the Turkish Cup.

Any other major rules?

The only other thing in the Super League is that you play 34 games, and Karabuckspor air ineligible for European qualification until 2018


Turkish Cup

The Turkish Cup may be the equivalent to the FA Cup, but it shares no likeness in rules. In the Turkish Cup, teams are split into several small groups consisting of around 4 teams, with the top 2 going through into the knockout rounds. However, before the group stages, teams go through several stages of knockout rounds to see who will be drawn into the groups.



As you can see in the screenshot, the teams are about to go into the third round of qualifying.

Any other rules?

None that need reporting.


Who rules the roost?

Well, the most time winners of the TSL are Galatasary with 20 division titles, whilst Fernebache follow closely behind with 19.



As you can see, the league is mainly contested between 3 teams: Besiktas, Fernebache and Galatasary, but can YOU break that dominance with a club from elsewhere?

Teams To Try



Konyaspor have a good selection of players at the start of the game, with their defence admirably strong. They have Good training, but Adequate youth. Often a side that go on to win the league, can you achieve this with the club



On the other hand, why not take over these Turkish beasts, and wreak havoc over the league with such ledgends of the game as Snejider and Podolski. A cool 12M budget should smooth over any problems you face, whilst an impressive training facility and good youth ones mean you are all set for the future.



Osmanlispor start the game with a semi-decent squad, possessing such talents like Thievy, Chieck Diabate, Adam Maher and Pierre Webo. With excellent training facilities and good youth facilities, the club has a decent spine to build on. They start the game with European Football to their name, albeit it the Europa League. Can YOU make this team the best in the country?

Thank you for reading my Turkish Super League guide!

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Great job on your first article dude! It certainly makes you question whether or not to attempt a save there lol, keep up the good work!

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A good read but I'd get rid of the spoilers and maybe add a few more different teams (e.g. bad teams to build up). Nice work.

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On 07/04/2017 at 07:52, mcandrew003 said:

Excellent mate! Not many people have played in Turkey, from what I know it's just me and @kylieboi88 so far this year.

Your Mainz save is going well mate, looking forward to see the next update!


I did a challenge there very early on I believe one made by @Ashez I played as kasimpasa

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35 minutes ago, kts365 said:

I did a challenge there very early on I believe one made by @Ashez I played as kasimpasa

As well as 26 participants playing Antalyaspor for Challenge Cup 2017 qualification round ;)

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