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Top 8 Bargains for Top-Flight Teams

Much to everyone’s joy, the January update brings many upgraded or new features to the game, and of course brings updated transfers. But that is sometimes a curse rather than a blessing – sometimes your go-to bargain players from the first half of the season have been moved on in real life, meaning you have to splash the big bucks to buy them. But don’t worry, there are always fresh bargains to be had!

With the way transfer fees are going these days, I consider players under £10million to be a bargain. Clubs in China buying average players and sticking them on high wages hasn’t helped either! Below are my top 8 bargain players:

(Please bear in mind I used Manchester City to ensure I had the money to buy all of these, so the wage expectations are a little higher than normal!):


Domagoj Vida

This guy is a solid across the board defender – an experienced international with plenty of years left in the tank. He’s comfortable anywhere in the backline, and while his passing, tackling and aerial ability are good, he lacks a little in the strength department for a centre back. However, his pace, stamina and crossing make him a good option for either side.

I actually got into a bidding war with Bournemouth for him (which shows that he is an achievable target for any top-flight club) and eventually picked him up for £8million, with wages of 65k.



Frederico Venancio

One of the first players I found when researching this piece, I really like Venancio. He does everything you need a centre-back to do – good in the air, a solid tackler, with excellent positioning, decision making and leadership. His strength needs a boost, but he is still young enough to develop.

Snap him up for no more than £5.5million.



Hilal Soudani

Arguably the biggest bargain on the list, I picked up Soudani for £2million. Let me repeat that. £2million. A striker, the right side of 30, with high stats in shooting, dribbling, pace and movement, with strength not far behind, and a better than 1-in-2 record at international level. Sure, his aerial ability isn’t that high, but I’m willing to overlook that. And with wages of just 35k, you’d be mad not to sign him.



Joel Robles

You may be surprised to see an existing Premier League player on the list, but hear me out. When I did an attribute search for well-known players (David de Gea and Petr Cech specifically, arguably two of the best keepers in the Premier League), Robles appeared both times. His green stats are what you want from a keeper, while his throwing isn’t far behind. He could be a little more agile and better at decision making, but for just £6million you could do a lot worse.



Lassana Diarra

A sneaky one, as he’s not technically a bargain being free, but I wanted to include him anyway – Lass has all the attributes you need for a holding midfielder. He’s only 31, and expects wages of 40K, so a good pickup for any top-flight side needing steel in the middle.



Wellingon Nem

Wellington Nem nearly didn’t make the list – initially, Shaktar wanted nearly £17million for him, however they sold Bernard for an eye-watering fee and brought in a number of replacements, so I was able to pick him up for £9.5million later in the window. Excellent at what he does and pretty poor elsewhere, sign him if you want a playmaker who gives you an extra centre-forward option. Expect to pay around 65k on his wages.




Another player signed after a bidding war, Dudu is an exciting attacking talent. Creative, with technique, movement and dribbling abilities near the top of the range, he can play across the attacking midfield spectrum. It cost me the full £10million to see off Liverpool to sign him, and he wanted a whopping 90k in wages, but in my opinion he is worth the money to have an attacking force in your side for years to come.



Jaume Costa

I like Costa – he does everything I like my full-backs to do. He’s quick, has a good engine, can tackle and positions himself well. His aggression is a little high, and his crossing could improve a little, but for just £7.5million and 45k on wages, I wouldn’t sniff at signing him.

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Some great players on the list mate! I've bought vida for peanuts for the last 3 editions lol solid as a rock! Had Venancio at Monaco as backup and again, solid when called upon! Dudu is also great, and being so young he has many years left at the top! 

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3 hours ago, Niall C said:

Great post. Many tick the boxes for my style of management.

"buying cheap and selling at a profit" 

I've just seen Venancio go to Napoli for 30m in 2019 in another save I'm playing.

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Juan Cazares from ATM in Brazil is a great player too, you can pick him up for €7m and he has 6 green stats at the beginning of the game and only 24

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