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Help Nicolás Schiappacasse & Idrissa Doumbia


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Hey folks im just wondering is it possible to get nicolás schiappacasse & Idrissa doumbia loaded using England as main league? And does anybody know how to get Gustavo Gomez face on game? 



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Try loading Spain as secondary league only, then try again loading it with full 4 leagues. Doumbia always popped up in my game.

Figured I ask here since it goes in line with the topic, is Eder Balanta really exist in the game? Strange that a player of his calibre didn't cut it to the Basel's squad, let alone the game!

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Yeah I've tried doing that no luck as of yet, i had schiappacasse loaded once before just by luck i imagine, doumbia only loads for me if i choose Belgium as main league, and as for eder balanta he isn't in the game at all you'd think with the update he would be included annoying to say the least he was a beast, i need Gustavo Gomez face badly i won't buy him without it haha

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